The Real Neat Blog Award #5

Guess who is rising from the ashes!?

Hello! I would like to say that it is a honor that I have gotten another nomination and tag for having a Real Neat Blog. I don’t know why I get giddy when I get tagged but these make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This especially after just getting back in the swing of things. Uh… wut? Are you seriously going to act like what happened during the last nomination didn’t happen? Hm? What are you talking about? I’m just trying to show my appreciation and gratitude. Nah… my performance was subpar. I have to redeem myself. So I decided to burn everything! Oh? Why are we still talking then? Let’s go for broke!

Dynamic Entry!!

The Rules

Let’s lay down the rules of engagement once again!

  • Display the Logo
  • Thank the Blogger that Nominated your and Link their Blog
  • Answer their questions
  • Nominate new bloggers
  • Ask them seven questions

Pretty simple, right? I would like to thank Yomu for nominating me! This was perfect timing to get these fingers back in working order. Don’t exclude me! Thanks Yomu! Let’s get to the questions!

Yomu’s Questions!

If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, which song would you choose?

Whoa… this one is so hard! I love so many songs! From classical masterpieces that can be found in original soundtracks of anime, tv shows, and movies to video game soundtracks! This isn’t fair! Curse you Yomu! If I had to choose… only one song… to listen to for the rest of my life…

I would have to pick… >_<

THis was so hard! But I love this song too much to NOT be able to listen to it anymore.

What sound makes you the most uncomfortable?

The sound of rubbing things against sandpaper. I honestly can’t explain what this does to me but it makes me feel queasy and I get all out of wack. I ask everyone, everywhere, just don’t do it around me. My body gets weak and I feel like melting into a puddle of goo.

What is your favourite anime hairstyle? (Male or female)

This was actually harder than I thought it would. Not because I didn’t know what hairstyle I liked but rather I didn’t know what it was called. So I cheated… these are my favorites!

If you had millions of dollars to invest in creating new anime or funding anime sequels, what would your top three courses of action be?

Millions!? Did you say Millions!? Oh… don’t mind if I do. This is what I would do in this exact order.

No Game No Life Season 2

I cannot tell you how bad I want this series to continue! To this day, this is the one series that I was seriously pissed off when I found out that it wasn’t going to be continued and that I would have to read the light novel to continue with the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading but this show was truly something special.

Reboot Soul Eater

Soul Eater was an amazing series that captured the hearts of a lot people when it debut. I just so happen to discover this series through a poor fansub done by Horrible Subs, who at the time didn’t like the series and spoofed it. But even with them making fun of the series, there was something drew me and I eventually ended up watching the series and reading the manga to completion.

This series deserves to have its story told through animation. All of it. I feel like this show earned the Full Metal Alchemist treatment.

And lastly…

Akumetsu Deserves an Anime!

I found this series randomly and never forgot about it. I must have caught up to the release schedule because I stopped following it after awhile because of the lack of content but dude, this would be wonderful anime to watch. The premise is a blend between V for Vendetta and the Punisher with protagonist, Hazama Shou defending the innocent from the Japanese Government through terrorism with his “One man, One Kill” mantra. The kicker is, this character dies almost every manga chapter. See!? Aren’t your intrigued!?

Re-read and link your first post. What are your thoughts on it now?

I’m nervous about this one… Stop being a baby. Here you are!

I was 19 years old and I had no idea what I was going to blog about. I knew I wanted to write though. This post makes me almost feel scared, like I did back then. It is truly terrifying to put yourself out on the internet. To make yourself vulnerable and share things that you normally would share to close friends or relatives. This blog was originally supposed to be a journal of sorts. Where I would be able to write my thoughts and feelings out. Perhaps share some poetry that I wrote. Maybe even share some short stories that I was working on.

I’m glad I did it. Glad I took the first step because that is usually the most important step. And here I am now trying to take the next one on this journey. Man… I was dramatic back then.

What is a blog post you’ve written that you wish got more attention?

Though the review that really told me that I could do this and gave me the spark of hope necessary for me to push forward and continue blogging about anime was my Saga of Tanya the Evil review, the one I wish had kickstarter this adventure was my Flip Flapper review.

They were so Kawaii!! >_<

I worked so hard on that review. I remember writing that review with so much energy because I thoroughly enjoyed the series. There was no screenshots because that idea had never cross my mind. No gifs because wasn’t hip to that hype train either. It was writing at its purest with me showcasing the preview and the amazing ending song near the end of the review. Funny thing was, no one read it. It was a truly crushing blow but I can saw that it was because of this, I pumped out Tanya’s review. Driven to have someone read and understand why I like the series so much.

Did you know that you can save up to 15% in just 15 minutes with Geico?

Unfortunately, I did. I did know. Did you know however that my favorite Geico commercial was the caveman? Now you do.

Oh no! I forgot about this song! Damn it!!!! This was a ringtone for a long time.


Come one, Come All!

Do you even know people? I do! I haven’t been gone for that long… Gosh. I can add some new fighters to the gauntlet to throw down and show their battle prowess! Here is who I am going to try to summon with my summoning circle!

  • Bicking Book Reviews – Because of these lovely ladies, I was able to recommend The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade. They have some wonderful reviews of tween books over there.
  • Dewbond – Because the post on “The Anime Tiddy” really moved my soul.
  • Baud – The outfit you have for PVP is absolutely amazing!
  • Shay Taree – Iron Heart! It will be a reality! It has to be!

I managed four that I just started following recently. I think that is more than enough. But, if you want to participate, feel free! I would love to see your responses!

The Conclusion!

Well the battle was long and hard but ultimately, there was no victor. I just can’t seem to beat myself. I’m just too good. Wut? What are you talking about? The time has come for new challengers to enter the fray and dish out the hands of glory to claim victory in mortal combat! I think you are suppose to spell that with a “K” And don’t ignore me! I agree with Yomu, we should wear our awards proudly on our chest! Even if those awards are the entrails of your enemies?

Here are my questions!

  • As a blogger, what is it that you hope to convey to your readers?
  • What is one thing that you admire about your blog?
  • If your blog could have a theme song, what would you play on your home page?
  • Curve Ball Question! What book, show, or movie has your favorite Magic System?
  • Who is your favorite writer or author and why?
  • What is your favorite soundtrack? (Anime, Movie, or Game)
  • What anime do you think I should watch next? (This outta be fun)

Once again, Thank you Yomu for the nomination and thanks to everyone who bought tickets to this glorious display of fire and destruction! You guys and gals are truly awesome for swinging by and I really appreciate you guys taking to the time to read.

Until the next post…

My heart burns with the fires of passion

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yomu says:

    Haha, love the answers!
    Thanks for responding so quick, it really was perfect timing that you came back just as I was finding people to nominate!

    Nier OST is a gem, I don’t know what sort of mental effect it’d have to listen to such a dramatic / emotional track like that for so long.

    Not a bad first blog post really, I think it’s a pretty strong intro! Beats my first post. I know what you mean about feeling those nerves from the first time you publish yourself online, so to speak. I feel the same way about mine, which is sort of why I wanted to include that question.

    1. It can’t be bad. I swear it can’t be that bad. That song is so beautiful! I fade away into the melody every time I hear it. But I had to respond! I love doing these. It gets my brain going.

      I’m shocked that you like that post. Hearing people read it makes me feel queasy, lol. But it is certainly a humbling feeling. To know where you came from. I need to read yours!

      1. Yomu says:

        Haha feel free, I have a lot of sour feelings about mine too. A lot of uncertainty in my first post, and I can read right through it when I look back on it now.

  2. moyatori says:

    Always happy to see your posts, neat blogger. I didn’t even notice you were back to blogging regularly (?) until now!

    1. I have learned the ways of sneaky! *Thumbed his Naruto headband* Believe it! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. Glad to be back! I’ve missed you guys!

  3. Dewbond says:

    So glad you enjoyed my post! I’ll absolutely answer these questions on my next Don’t @ Me, but I really appreciate the nomination!

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