As I Push Open the Door…

I feel myself falling, descending from some great height suddenly with no clear explanation as to why or how. The feeling of being totally helpless envelops me as if toss and turn against my will, tearing through clouds faster than I could comprehend.  I tried to scream, but each time I tried the sound was snatched by the currents. I was becoming faint and dizzy. If I didn’t straighten out soon, my death would come before I hit the ground. There no such thing as hope unless you believe in it.

It was then that I broke through the last of the clouds, emerging to see the earth like I had never imagined. The oceans had reclaimed most of the land back into its embrace and that which remained was illuminated with life. Thousands of them scattered as far as the eye could see, remnants of time long ago standing in harmony with Mother Nature as it should have been. Trees stood as tall as the skyscrapers and brought a sense of tranquility to the land that he never thought possible. Beautiful was the only word that came to mind. It was simply stunning and for a moment I forgot that I was falling. I didn’t notice my body straighten out, now diving and picking up more speed.

What had happened? Where was I when all of this happened? But I was ripped from my peace and inquiry when felt my ears pop violently, crimson liquid fleeing my body as if it was attempting to save itself from the impending doom that was knocking on my door. There wasn’t a lot of time left but the more I thought of a solution, no more it became inevitable. Until I heard a voice through the ripping winds; it sounded like my name. I listened for it again and turn to where I thought it was coming from only to see a figure approaching.

Before my thoughts could I father substance, I was snatched by the figure that soared effortlessly through the air. Held by the waist, the figure turned about and headed east towards a mountain in the distance. How was this even possible!? I forced my eyes to open against the currents to peer up at the one holding me only to see someone that resembled myself. That wasn’t possible! I was me! But here another was! How!?  As he approach the mountain, there was a clif side that seemed to be occupied by another, one who was sitting by the edge, looking up and waving at us.

I was released moments later, watching the ground become closer and closer until all faded to darkness. But before I drifted away, I could hear a voice say, “Welcome back, Winter.”


This isn’t really a story or anything, something I thought I might put as the opener for my blog because it honestly how I felt when I was making this blog. I gain the inspiration to write again and is determined to commit this time. Even if it not about anything at all. I’m going to pour it all into this blog and perhaps Maybe that too. But for not its here. I might write more about my adventures and explain more what’s happening. Stay tune. I’m posting a good bit of stuff over the next couple of days.

Until next time,


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  1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

    i thought this was a short story which would have been a great one but as always this is a piece of work wrote in such a way i wish i was this great at writing you have a really good talent which i see you have put to use time and time again you should start working towards a book and try to finish some of your stories you move from or atleast one of them just to show your true writing skills at hand which to me are you can start and finish anything when it’s possible hope that makes sents

    1. I had the idea to continue some of this short inserts in different ways at different points of my life to show progression and change. I initially wrote this to be an opener to my blog but I decided not to use it. (And there was no where to put it.) But the meaning behind it and because you have taken such an interest into it, I keep it going for you. Be on the look out for the next one, I think I have all I need and the pieces are in place for another one.

      1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

        yay cant wait i really enjoy reading your work and i love the fact that i cant tell its all your writing which is good as a writer

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