The Journey

I honestly do not know what to put here. It’s like asking someone to describe yourself to someone and the moment you give thought to it, your mind draws a blank. The world becomes dim, ever slowly fading into an abyss; a void of thought with unable to grasp at any sort of spark to say something coherent and relevant so your left muttering dribble like…

“Uh… Hi! ^_^ My name is Winter and I’m an inspiring writer,” which trails into the awkward attempt to conjure something interesting from nothing to produce words and it fails. But here we are so let’s give it a try!

Greetings! Born in the city of motors, in the state of the Great Lakes, I am Winter! That might have been a little too dramatic… Quiet you!

Inspired by video games, anime, and movies; I originally wanted to start a blog to post my stories and improve my writing prowess. I’ve always wanted to talk about movies and anime so tried that for a bit. Then it shifted to me wanting to talk about the wonderful food I have eaten.  But as I have grown, I wanted to use it as a diary as well. I believe myself to be an open book and thus I challenge myself to discover more about myself and others around me and do it unique and different ways. I question everything and I give my opinion to everything because who are we without a voice?

I want to write. I realize I don’t care what medium I use to it. Self-reflection like a diary or grand adventures of a novel, I want my imagination to roam free and just let the words fly. I want people to take something away from my writing. To be inspired like I am when I read others work

I know I have a long way to go and I have plenty of room for company. Care to share this journey with me?

What are your thoughts?

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