The Power of Music

How One Song Gave Me Hope When I Needed It The Most…

I started this back in February, days after my best friend Larry passed away.

I am finally able to finish it. I had to finish this. For him.

Man… it has been quite some time. Life has a strange way of bringing you back full circle.

This year was suppose to be the year I got everything back in order. I have been working on numerous projects over the last few months in preparation of my grand return to blogging and during what I love which is writing and getting my thoughts out on the digital canvas. Returning to form with vigor and inspiration has never felt so good.

But before I could do that… I had to talk about the amazing music I heard from the talented Alex Moukala…

I have been following his channel for a couple of months, watching all of this breakdowns on music. It was so refreshing to have someone be able to explain in detail the joys of listening to video game music. Catching the subtle references and nods to of games and content and being able to articulate what I was hearing!

I have always had a deep passion for music, dating all the way back to when used to play Sonic 2 on the SEGA Genesis. Reaching my favorite stage with the best music and just leaving it there so I could listen to it while during homework and chores around the house. When internet became a thing, I discovered MIDI files and downloaded every single song I could find. By that time, anime had become vital in my life and there were covers available for the opening and endings in 8-bit form.

Yes, I am showing my age. And for those special ones out there who might be interested in the lore of that era, try looking up FFShrine and just how amazing it was for the community back then. is around, pumping out amazing mixes of some gaming most ironic songs.

Fast forward to now and I listen to everything I can get my hands on. And hearing him explain how much making the music for this trailer spoke to me in a level that had me smiling during the entire video.

Often times, I wish I could go back in time to push myself towards music because I appreciate it so much. It means so much to me.

I can’t tell you how many times I watch this video and listen to the amazing medley he crafted known was “Embrace Your Dreams.”

This post is for you Larry. I will shoulder your dreams and carry forward as I know you would want me to.

I love you and I miss you big bro.

And Alex, I cried too. Thanks for giving me hope and pushed me to embrace my dreams.

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