A Journey into osu!

A passion For Music!

If it wasn’t apparent from my previous post, I have very healthy love for music. When I think about it, I don’t think there is a person alive who doesn’t appreciate some genre of music. If you happen to know someone who doesn’t, please let me meet them! I have so many questions!

I digress.

What is a person to do when there so much music but not enough ways to enjoy it!? You find games that allows you interact with it and I have been addicted to music games sense I can remember.

Flash Flash Revolution


Look at all the colors!

These were the classics that should always be mentioned. Then ere were those likes Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Rockband, Dance Dance Revolution (my best friend actually own the dance pad that you could use at home!), and all the others.

Yes, including Just Dance…

Oh wait! Let’s not forget about the mobile ones too! Games like Cytus I and II, Deemo, and Tap Sonic. (Please don’t judge me… I know I have problems.)

Masquerade feels like a song you would plan a flash mob for at a ball…

But this game here… This game is on the level of Beat Saber. God I wish I could play that game at home… I probably would do anything for months on end but find new songs that I love and cut blocks. I have been following MakeUMove and I love all of her videos! If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I have a virtual reality cafĂ© that I could go to but I will have to wait until everything settle down.

But since I can’t get my hands on the Oculus Rift at the moment and the Playstation version is nerfed to all hell because you can’t use you own music, I have to settle for the next best thing and if settling was this good, I would marry it without question.

osu! has been game that I have played off and on for years now. I can’t even remember when I found the game. (Back in the year 2017.) But I remember the feeling I had when I started playing. The joy it brought me to be able to play some of my favorite songs from anime and games in one place. (Audiosurf could do it to but I prefer the interactions in OSU just a little bit more.)

And while I may not be a master at the game, I sincerely love playing this game even in my failures. There is something relaxing about playing it even though it can be very stressful at times, testing your hand eye coordination and twitch reflexes. On days where everything seems to be too much to hand, I would find myself on my computer playing this and ending the night somewhat in a better state of mind.

There is something about just following the rhythms that just brings my joy. It even has a multiplayer where you can play with others, everyone trying not only beat each other but your own personal best scores. The community isn’t toxic like you see in most other multiplayer games and I have made tons of friends over the years.

So I figure I would pass the game on to you guys. If you are a lover of music and games that allow you to play along with your favorite songs, this is the game for you.

Below is one of my favorite songs to play and this was the first time I got an A on it. I have a habit of playing songs that are clearly out of my league because I secretly like to torture myself but that is neither here or there. I hope you enjoy the video and song and check out the game.

Until next time!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. moyatori says:

    Osu is great! I don’t play it that much, and only really play the piano keyboard version, but like you, I like it for stress relief.

    1. Keyboard version!? Do tell me moar!

      1. moyatori says:

        Oh, just one of the game modes. I think it’s actually called “osumania,” if I’m not mistaken.

      2. I am definitely going to look into it!

  2. one of my friends loves osu! i’m terrible at it but it’s such a cool game!

    1. Practice makes perfect! We are all terrible at something! osu! is one of the games I wish had wide spread appeal because it is such a great long standing music game.

      1. I’ll definitely pick it up again, because it really is so unique!

      2. You have to tell me about your experience! I’m glad you are going to revisit it.

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