Lisa’s The First Take – Homura

Such an heartfelt song…

I have always been a fan of LiSA. I mean, if you watch anime, how can you not be? This woman was created some of the most ironic songs in anime, especially in this current era that we are in. From Oath Sign for the Fate series, Crossing Field for Sword Art Online (And all the others that I won’t mention here but will shout out Catch the Moment), Rally Go Round for Nisekoi (Still waiting on Season 3) and countless of others, it is safe to say that you’ve heard and probably like at least one of her songs.

One night I was scrolling through the endless wall of Youtube and discovered a video called The First Take, featuring our captivating songstress performing Gurenge from Demon Slayer and I was absolutely blown away by the performance. I just recently started watching Demon Slayer (Don’t judge me, I had my “oh my god, it can’t be that good” moment.) but I have been rocking out to the opening for some time now. I actually wasn’t compelled to watch the series until news of the movie being release last month reached me and I was able to reserve tickets for a viewing.

That being said, I have listened to this song before having the context of the show to guide my emotions and it was already one that pull at the heart strings simply because of the way she performed the song.

Raw and emotional, tapping deep into something within her that pulled one of the best performances I have seen her do.

I know this may seem to be a ongoing theme as of late, but I am in highly empathic state right now and well of empathy has been taking in everything around me. So I cried when I heard the emotions slip out at the five minute mark while reading lyrics. (The lyrics are closed captioned!)

“Goodbye” and “Thank you” at the top of my voice

What’s more important than grief?

Hoping that they reach you as we part

In time for warmth and pain

I thought it would always be like this

I envisioned our days to come

Why, when our lights are calling out each other

Still burn deep in our hearts?

We meet amidst a blaze journey

Coming together, then letting go for the sake of our future

Every time dream comes true, I’ll remember you

“Wishing to become strong, I cried

With my resolve as a parting gift”

Held captive by nostalgic memories

Wailing at the cruelty of this world

There will be even more as I grow older

I never want to lose anything again

By succumbing to the grief

I might not feel pain anymore

By your words

Your wishes

I swear to protect them to the end

With a roar, it’s crumbling down

Our one and only, irreplaceable world

The bundle of bursting light that I reached out for and held so close

Shimmered, then disappeared for the sake of the future

Going beyond the happiness and promise I’ve entrusted

I’ll keep moving forward without glancing back

Looking straight ahead, I’m going to cry out

Lighting the flame in my heart

Until I reach the distant future

LiSA – Homura Translated Lyrics

These words touched somewhere deep before I had watched the movie and I cried something fierce at the ending of that movie. Once as Tanjiro cried out, his words hitting and cutting like the blade he wields and again when this song started playing as I finally understood the context.

I was simply applying these words to my life. My lost. My burden that torments me as I try to continue to move forward after parting ways with people who were pillars in my life. It is comforting that someone could write something like this because often time we find ourselves thinking we are alone. We forget that the person next to us has probably dealt with something similar and is walking that same path with us.

And this first take expressed that pain and the need to keep going. I love the commentary from her afterwards . It was so heartwarming.

If you didn’t know about this before, I hope you enjoy this little review of this song. This is probably going to be a thing moving forward because I enjoy music so much and it is such a integral part of my life that I would be remised not to talk about it.

Besides, everyone around me is probably tired of hearing me talk about it so off to the interwebs to spread my passion and joy to those behind computer monitors/phones just like me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it!

Until next time…

What are your thoughts?

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