30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28

What anime has the best fight scene?

I don’t think I ever told you guys but I loathe trying to determine what is the best of something. To do so means I have to narrow down a list of my favorite fight scenes in categories after figuring what is important to me personally. For instance, for the best fight scene, I feel one should have to consider the animation, style, artistic vision, sound effects, the score playing (trust me, it matters) and overall impact.

With all of these in mind, my list narrows and just to be a bit cheeky, I want to go over some of my favorites before giving you the one I feel like delivers on all of these things. Also, I won’t be putting iconic fights here like Spike versus Vincent in the Cowboy Bebop Movie, the last fight in Sword of the Stranger, or any fight in Karas the Prophecy. Or any fight really that I think is already considered legendary.

Fate Zero

Emiya Kiritsugu versus Kotomine Kirei

If you had ask me this question two years ago, I will given you this fight and probably fought you if you didn’t agree. I fall head over heels in love with action scenes where the opponents appear to be playing chest. Here we have the powerhouse Kirei versus the Magnus killer Kiritsugu and throughout the series, you couldn’t help but question who would win in a fight between these two. Kiritsugu normally doesn’t play fair as he always the underdog but here we get to see him go blow for blow with Kotomine who throughout the series as whole has displayed his dominance when it comes to combat.

The cinematography here is top notch, every frame meaning and relying viable information as to what is going on. The music creates this ominous tension where some of the impacts fall right in line with the music. The sound effects are given weight, making every incredible blow sound real. It immerses you and keeps you glued to the screen.

And although we are robbed from a conclusion, what we got to see was still worth it.

Saber Alter vs Rider ~ Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III

So, I’m not going to lie and say that I hadn’t bought a ticket on Saber’s bandwagon and had been enjoying quite the ride since I first started watching the series.


Rider has ALWAYS been waifu of the series when it came to the servants. (Remember, Servants. Rin will ALWAYS be series waifu.) Medusa has always been the mysterious underplayed and under appreciated servant in the series because she has been paired with piss poor masters and been quite at the wrong moment.

In short, unfortunately ran into Saber.

But oh boy! Even though they embarrass her in the first Heaven’s Feel, they complete did her justice in final part of the series. This fight was everything I had been waiting for since I laid eyes on Rider in that classroom hallway so long ago. There is a frame in this fight that just made my pants moist unnaturally and I didn’t understand what was going on because no one taught me what it meant to be excited in that manner. (Alright, I will calm down.) But it was this… right here…

That Pose when she zipped on the side of her!

And it presented Saber one of the rare moments when she was not stronger enough to just body her opponent. Especially considering while she was throwing around planet busters when fight Heracles (Berserker). I’ll be nice enough to post that fight as well because it is well worth the watch even if it just disgusting city destroying destruction. I love it!

But truly, the best fight hands down has to be….

Nichijou – Principle versus Deer

You can’t tell me nothing! Tell it wasn’t the most epic thing you have ever seen in anime! Say it! I was just like Yuuko… speechless. Tell me that suplex wasn’t the most perfectly executed suplex ever witness! I dare you to say it isn’t! SHOW ME ONE BETTER!

Okay, that last one for the lawls. I couldn’t help myself. I’m seriously tempted to put Mio loses her marbles… Well.. watch for yourself.

I think this is the second time I have mentioned this scene… >_>

This is truly the longest 30 Day Challenge ever. Years has gone by and I am only on day 28. Two more days to go. We will reach the conclusion of this journey together… I promise! So please, don’t give up on me. I need all of your strength and energy to save the world. I was told if I don’t complete this, I can’t go home so I will go on the rampage making every living soul watch Plastic Nee-San.

Honestly, I don’t think it is that bad.

Until next time…

What are your thoughts?

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