30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25

What is your comfort anime?

Ha! This prompt has activated my trap card! But… we aren’t playing a children’s card game…

We are today!

Fine, the original idea for this prompt was the shift the topic from my comfort anime to my comfort anime opening/ending. Don’t look at me like that, I cannot express to you how much I love music and the feels I get from listening to certain openings and endings just makes everything better on a bad day. But I thought about this for an entire day and couldn’t come up with anything…

Until I had to imagine having a gun to my head and being forced to chose one…

In which case I immediately chose Nichijou – My Ordinary Life.


Though there are many shows out there that attempt to duplicate the formula, there isn’t a lot of shows that can capture the raw and pure essence of random absurdity like Nichijou does. I know what you are thinking. No you don’t, you are assuming. I KNOW! There are shows like Plastic Neesan and Asobi Asobase! But you have to understand, I think those shows still had a theme to its craziness. I view those two as shows attempting to have a purpose and failing miserably. I still can’t tell you and I am not even going to try to explain Nichijou to anyone. I don’t bother. I just tell them sit down and watch a couple of episodes.

I have been met with mixed results. But I digress. (I definitely will tell you about someone of those reactions later.)

But as a comfort anime, I honestly can’t believe that I STILL haven’t finished the series.

And don’t look at me like that! It’s hard! I find myself watching it from the beginning every time I feel the urge to watch it only to stop before reaching the end of disc one because my brain can’t take it.

And I know that once I actually finish it, the sparkle that the blu-ray box set has will shifted into some evil aura that speaks to me in my dreams to watch it with no shame.

Am I weird for finding comfort here? I mean, this is the one of the only shows I can watch the same 8 episodes (Because I can’t bring myself to go further at the moment. I have the same problem with Panty and Stocking as well. I get to the episode where Kneesocks and Scanty gets introduced and it overloads my brain. ) and feel completely better about my life choices and where my future is heading by the end of the session.

I can’t tell you what I learned. What life lesson I took from it. But… it just puts me in a better mood… when I bring myself to watch it. And come on… who wouldn’t feel like they could take on the world or that our lives are safe when you see a take down like this!?

Do you see the fluidity of that fall? The slam that causes the tornado spin? Perfection! 10/10

I told myself that I was going to attempt to review this show for all of the wrong reasons and it makes me smile to recall such a bold idea.

But in all seriousness, this is the feel good anime for me. It is impossible to watch this show and remain sad, mad, or anything other than happy. Yuuko Aioi does it for me as I relate to mentally in ways I would rather not admit publicly. I say and do stupid stuff all the time when I get comfortable and I think Yuuko is ALWAYS comfortable. It is adorable and hilarious at the same time.

But this is my comfort anime. What’s yours? I would love to hear about it to potentially find something to jump to. Nichijou has hold on my life for far too long. Please help. And thanks for stopping by and reading. I appreciate it!

Until the next post…

What are your thoughts?

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