300 Writing Prompts #14: The Words I’d Like to Live By

Throughout our lives, we hear dozens of phrases and quotes from all different types of sources that resonate and connect with us. These words manage to touch a part of us that is hidden and protected behind walls meant to protect the very vulnerable and fragile embodiment of ourselves. When this happens, I feel like we adopt those words because they have some deeper meaning to us… whether it be spiritually or emotionally. If they are really profound, we take up their creed and attempt to live by those words in our everyday lives; attempting to convey their meaning to others to show them who we are.

It is in that moment of trying to convey what I am feeling and attempting to express to another that I try my hardest to do so with my actions rather than my words. In this, the words that I try to live by are…

May your actions speak louder than your words.

I have always been a firm believer that although you words can express how you feel and what you want, your body and your actions will always genuinely express your true intentions. Words mean absolutely nothing if not followed by action.

Despite being a person who loves to write, has a passion for the process, and loves expressing himself with words in the form of stories and poetry, I am horribly lacking in the verbal department. In the heat of the moment, my nervous and anxious interior gets the best of me and I fumble all over myself. I overthink and say everything wrong despite my best efforts to do the opposite.

It is rather frustrating. Even when picking out simple things to say, I see the vast expanse of words and I am always trying to find the most accurate way to convey myself. This usually leads to me trying to be cooler than what I give myself credit for and end saying the wrong thing. Or saying the right thing in the wrong way. Or using a word in the wrong manner. Or trying to stretch the word poetically to force it apply when I could have simply used a simpler word. Or trying to fix something I said because although it may apply, it doesn’t capture the full scope of what I mean or my intentions.

This is only amplified times a million when I am nervous. And this squared when someone takes something I said the wrong way.

I literally go into a panic. Scared to say anything else for fear to duplicating or making matters worse and Frustrated at the realization that I may not get my point across to them, rending everything pointless.

But it was in this realization, brought to light by someone very special to me who also inflicts this rare debuff that I discovered that I can express myself genuinely in my actions. But even here, I’ve notice that my nervousness still may prevail through shaking heads and stuttering words.

I understand that people can very well be dishonest in their actions as well but I feel like it is a lot harder to commit to something like that.

Hell, they say you tell if a person really wants to be around or really loves you by their actions. They make time for you. They go out of their way to be there for you when you need them. Their gestures are always kind and thoughtful. They make you feel wanted and appreciated. They surprise you with things that they know will make you happy.

At the end of the day, they try. And that is all anyone can ever ask for.

And it speaks volumes in ways that people can’t imagine. They make all of these seem effortlessly. And if doesn’t appear that way, you can always tell they are making the effort.

That last one is something personal that I observed with myself and may not apply to everyone but you should get what I mean.

I man suck at speaking my words aloud. Struggle with saying the right thing at the right time. And genuinely fumble when put on the spot but you can rest assured that you will always be able to count on me when you need me.

And if that doesn’t work, just give me sometime and I will definitely be able to write you an essay on how much you mean to me. I really good at that. The irony…

As always, thanks for swinging by and reading. You have no idea how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it.  I would love to know what words you live by and how you came about discovering and adopting those words into you everyday life so let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Until my next post…

This gif has not relevancy. I just like it.

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  1. this is such a lovely post💜🖤

    1. Thanks! I’m happy that you enjoyed it! ^_^

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