30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 24

What anime had a big emotional impact on you?

So… I won’t sit here and tell you that this choice was easy because it wasn’t. I tend to lean on the emotional side of the spectrum so a lot of things that has to do with the feels has the unique ability to land a critical hit and leave me wrecked for a few days. This has happened a lot. Am I weird for finding those moments the most fun I have had watching anime? For finding enjoyment in being touched deeply, pass the feeble defensive I have constructed to keep the feels away?

If I am, then so be it. There is nothing like being able to empathize and adopt the emotions and feelings for a certain scene or a story. When that happens, I feel like you are connected to such more. The writer and what he was trying to convey to you as the audience. The characters, who are going through the situation before you eyes, allowing to feel what they are feeling. It is a connection that allows you to experience something you you might not have ever felt before.

For me, that anime was Toradora!

Toradora was a show that I discovered at the perfect low point in my life. I had just lost my job and due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to move back into my grandparents house. I had no real relationship at that time and I wasn’t really interacting with those I knew. It was a hard reset in my life that really put me in a negative space. I became a basement dweller, waking up every morning to fill out applications to jobs I didn’t want and doing things just to help the day go by. Playing games and watching anime.

But one afternoon, wrapped in a blanket with the funk of a person who hadn’t moved in three days… (horrible visual, right?) I landed on Toradora on Crunchyroll. At that time, I hadn’t been much a romance person. I hate to admit it, but I was a typical guy who watched a bunch of action shows.

And to this day, I can’t tell you what made me press play but I did not leave my bed until I finished the first season. It was my first Romcom and it was the on that made me love and appreciate the genre while giving me the pick me up I needed to get back up and tackle life again.

I can’t tell you one specific thing that drew me into the show. It could have been the relatable and brutally honest characters with genuine flaws and imperfections that were convey so beautifully throughout the show. The story that manages to keep cliches fresh and interesting, weaving these characters together in believable ways that highlights their strengths and weaknesses, pulling you into their drama because it felt genuine and real. The show kept me on edge as it all unfolded, never being predictable because each character’s motivations seemed to be multi-faceted. They felt like real people, certain of what they wanted but not sure if that was what they needed.

All of those reasons hit me like a speeding bus during the show’s high and low moments. Not to go into spoilers here, but several scenes throughout this series had me crying, screaming, and unusually angry.

And it felt good.

Love and romance gives us some of the most exhilarating and most memorable moments of our lives. Simply observing it unfold can leave an impression on us because it gives and leaves us with a feeling. A sensation that warms the body, plays melodies with our heartstrings, and shows us all of the colors of our emotions. And it is hard work. It doesn’t come easy. The opening monologue from first episode of the series perfectly sums that up.

There’s something in this world that nobody has seen yet.

And if you had been able to put your eyes on it, then you would yearn for it.

But at some point, someone will find it

That one person who is suppose to find it is also that one who will be able to find it

That’s just how it is.

Japanese Translation of the Opening Monologue

Or the English Dubbing…

In this world, there’s this thing that no one has ever seen

This thing, it is very kind and gentle

And if anyone could actually see it

there would be a whole lot of people wanting to have it

Maybe that’s why the world keeps it hidden from everyone

If it is hard to get, that makes it even more special

Yeah, but one day… someone will find it

And whoever does, they’ll be the one who was suppose to find it

Because that’s the way it’s meant to be.

English Dubbing of the Opening Monologue

I melt whenever I hear it and though I love both monologues, I think I favor the English dubbing more.

But this series captured something in me that was lost and rekindled a flame that was all but spent. And it is even more ironic now that I am in a relationship, remembering how mine came to be.

I’ve watched this series several times now since my first viewing and each time, I learn something new about these characters that I didn’t notice before. It always seems to catch me off guard. These things that I see in them makes me question myself and whether or not I am like that. Do I have characteristics like that? And through them, I learned so much because this show drops some major nuggets of wisdom on you if you are paying attention.

Here is a link to some of those lessons. https://www.cbr.com/toradora-quotes-impactful-anime/

This show ushered in a turning point in my life, just when I needed it the most. I ended up watching the series back to back because I wanted to know the differences between the dub and sub. And while it did not make me jump back into pursuing love, I can honestly say that it planted the seed that would eventually grow into what I am now.

What was an anime that had a big impact on your life? I would love to know and talk about in the comments. Thank you for taking a moment to swing by. I really appreciate you guys and gals.

Until the next post…

Direct hit!

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  1. Longest 30 day challenge ever!

    I can’t wait to see when it ends. Nice to see you’re back.

    1. Lol, glad to be back! It will end soon.

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