30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20

What video game would make a great anime?

Fire Emblem: Awakening
FIre Emblem: Fates (The Picture is cool… I can’t help it. I might do a B-Side for this one because Fates is equally as cool.

So… this was one of those questions that I knew the answer to well before I got to this point and I hate the fact that I started this post so long ago but didn’t finish it because my thoughts were already in place to nail this one.

Luckily, they are still there and this series would be perfect for anime adaption.

Though I placed Fates here, much of what I am going to discuss here is going to be centered around Awakening as it was the game I that completed but I’m certain the same general guidelines would apply to Fates because they would follow the same formula.

It has been awhile since I have played either of these games but I will say that the story and characters of each respective game is basically a masterpiece in my mind, fulfill with rich and diverse characters, a compelling story, and tons of opportunity for exciting drama.

The Story

There is nothing like war to get the blood pumping and conflict brewing over a open fire and Fire Emblem has that in spades. In Awakening, we follow our silent protagonist (who definitely won’t be silent in our series) and the Shepherds, a private army who is lead by Chrom who is under the banner of Ylisse. Chrom and the Shepherds are battling with Plegia and after some fierce battles, the ruler of Ylisse, Exalt Emmeryn is captured willing to negotiate peace through parley with the rival forces lead by King Gangrel, Plegia’s ruler to prevent another war. King Gangrel demands the Fire Emblem in exchanged for Emmeryn’s life and before Chrom could accept the terms, Emmeryn sacrifices herself to becoming a martyr to both Ylisse and Plegia. Over the course of the time to come, the Shepherds defeat Gangrel and restores peace. Our story picks up after Chrom inherits the throne of Ylisse.

Special Shout out to Just One Gamr for these awesome gifs.

The good thing about this story that it wouldn’t have to rush and would be able to go through the many different subplots as they would add to the world building and the character development. Not the mention the really cool things that could be done like little shorts on certain relationships between the characters. Interactions or conversations of the characters thoughts just like it is done in the game would be really cool after the preview to the next episode or during the intermission of the episode.

These moments are what makes and breaks the series as a whole to me and to find some sort of unique way to include them would be an amazing way to separate the show from your average adaption. I am all for finding clever ways of incorporating aspects of what makes whatever your adapting to the new medium. I feel like it brings a special part of the series with it.

If you want an idea of what I am talking about. Check out Danganronpa.

The Action

Guys! It is an anime about war! There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this, especially considering the wonderful cast of characters and the potential chance of losing them in battle. I think this would be where the show would have to differentiate itself from the game while keeping that flavor of not know who is going to come out of each battle alive. This would require a original take or a reimagining on the story itself but I think the outcome if done correctly would have a huge payoff for both hardcore fans and newcomers alike.

There is nothing like going into each episode on edge because you know a battle is about to erupt and there is a chance that one of your favorite characters might not make it. Akane Ga Kill was one of those shows that pull this concept off very well. Attack on Titan was another though I feel like it strayed a bit as the series progressed. Now would be a perfect time to have another anime enter the fray that will carry the torch forward.

The Verdict

I don’t think you can go wrong here. Most of the work is already done! Rich and unique characters with wonderful designs. Lore and history to draw from to tweak and change the story for a really good adaption with the potentially to engage the audience with new twist of existing plots. And I didn’t even get to mention the wonderful soundtrack to gather inspiration from. Fire Emblem has been a series that I longed to play (I don’t actually own a Switch or a Nintendo console or handheld) but never really got the change to dive into it like I wanted.

So for me, seeing this adapted would be a dream come true.

Now that I have told you my anime, what about yours? If you haven’t already taken the challenge or had no intentions on taking it, what do you think would be a great game that could be adapted into an anime? I was really curious about this one because the possibilities are endless and might even encourage me to check out some of the games you guys recommend. Let’s chat about it below.

As always, thanks for swinging by and reading. You all are awesome!

Until the next post…

Yeah, it’s from Fates but you can’t tell me this wouldn’t look dope in an anime!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Great choice! This has to be the longest 30 day challenge ever!

    1. Trying to break the record! šŸ™ƒ

      1. Lynn says:

        You can do eet!!!

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