The Promised Neverland: Episode 4 – 291045

Am I the only one that doesn’t skip the opening and ending to this series? I watch it every single time. There is something that pumps me up when I hear the opening and something to lays me down gently with the ending. I have left each episode so far completely content. It has been a while since I have felt like that.

But enough with my ranting. This episode was completely juicy and I have things to say! Let’s go for broke!

Know Your Place

There is a certain air about Momma that scares me but at the same time makes me attracted and intrigued by her in an unhealthy way.

It appears that Momma did not like what Krone did the last episode and the threat you gave her was just downright boss level. The people who can discipline people with a calm expression and smooth tone are the scariest. Momma’s presence is just showcased the power difference! Despite the fact that I think Krone would give Momma the business in an all-out brawl.

But the fact that Momma effortlessly moved into a bribe to keep Krone docile was so smooth and terrifying. Complimenting her and threatening her at the same time. I cannot express just how badass this is!

Krone’s response in her room was equally entertaining. Poor doll. It didn’t deserve that type of treatment. I thought she loved that doll. She was just cradling it in the previous episode and now its stuffing is everywhere. I like that Krone’s didn’t just cave and give into Momma. I am very interested to see what she does in response to that threat!

Breaking the News

Before you think I am glossing over the training exercises, I acknowledge that the way they were teaching the kids were pretty amazing. I noticed Momma’s observant eyes as well. I don’t think this is the first attempt to escape she has been through. I think it highlights that making something fun and interesting will always be a better teaching tool than having something that is dull and uninteresting. I couldn’t help but smile as they execute the formations. They even play my favorite little piano number!

Norman moving up the date of the escape I saw coming but I was completely wrong on the reason why. I thought it would have been because Krone and Momma would have introduced another variable into the plan but Norman wanting to move up the time table just too unpredictable is actually very smart.

Was I the only one that thought something was going to jump out of the shadows during the transition to the room? I think it was just you. No… it couldn’t be. Creepy music, slow and audible footsteps upstairs in silence, and the slight creaking of the floor… that doesn’t just scream jump scare!?

It felt so good to see her smile again!

I was so happy when they told Gilda and Don. I was happy when Gilda finally got to get her feelings off her chest. It pulled at a string to hear her cry. Gilda and Emma were so close and for the last three episodes, all of those moments of Gilda looking at Emma made sense. And when they agreed to help, Emma’s smile gave me so much warmth!

Norman continues to impress me. His love for Emma and his determination to see her ideas become reality makes him cold and calculated in the coolest way. I understand Ray’s perspective but I think Norman made the right decision and the trap he set was brilliant! Norman is truly a scary person and I can’t wait to see how he handles things moving forward.

Wack A Mole!

My heart completely fell to the depths of despair when Gilda got up and moved out of the room. Like I said in my previous episode review, it couldn’t be Gilda. It just couldn’t be. I started to shake. I didn’t want to finish the episode. I was really attempted to close the video and just go to sleep. Seriously, I was looking worse than Emma.

I cannot tell you how much these expressions creep me out but look absolutely fitting to the character.

But I called it! It wouldn’t be my Gilda! Damn… I really screwed with my brain during this scene. Krone was damn clever to double down on her resolve and attempt to get to confess twice! That second question was so smooth! She must Gilda in check like a professional chess player! I was on the edge of my seat. I really thought she Gilda might crack.

But she didn’t! And the lies they come up with be so fitting to the situation of kids. How they think of these things on the fly is beyond me but I need lessons because I wasn’t that good of a liar back then. Man, these kids were amazing! Krone took another L but I actually intrigued to see what she does now. She seems to be fading into desperation mood.


I love Emma. I think the reason I like her so much is that her hopeful personality mirrors mine in so many ways. I don’t know if that makes me naive and childish in nature but it is very touching to have it reinforced. Norman’s conversation with Emma was very touching for both of them. You can tell that Norman did not necessarily agree with Emma answer but you see his expression shift when he accepted it as his own. That is love if I have ever seen it.


So when Norman turned on Ray and accused him of being the traitor, I lost my shit. Why did they leave it like that!? Who thought that was a good idea!? It wasn’t!

God, this episode was good. I don’t think I have to say anymore. I’m sure we will get some answers next episode and I can’t wait. As always, thanks for swinging by! You guys really don’t know how much it means to me. You are all awesome!

And until the next post…

When I get back… I think I’ll treat myself to a ten-piece kids meal… no napkins, I lick my fingers.

What are your thoughts?

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