The Promise Neverland: Episode 5 – 301045

After the cliffhanger of the last episode, I completely rolled into the next one without breaking stride. Why did they do that? I was messed up! It came out of nowhere and when Ray didn’t immediately respond, my mouth dropped. I think I might even drool a little bit. Don’t tell anybody… But I am not wasting no time, here we go!

Traitor Revealed!

I thought the episode starts off with them staring each other down with the camera alternating between the two of them with the sound of the clock was very clever and added to the suspense. Shout out to whoever came up with that subtle idea.

Once again, norman out here showing why he should be feared. Setting three different traps and being able to keep them all control to determine the traitor was yet another brilliant move and Ray didn’t even look surprised when he explained it. In fact, Ray just came clean. Do you think he knew it was just a matter of time before he was discovered? Ray isn’t stupid either. They rival each other in terms of intelligence. The fact that he wasn’t the least bit upset about having his cover blown speaks volumes in this scene. The way he casually confirms Norman’s accusation means so much.

I need to take some lessons because the level of confidence these two characters display in the midst of a very delicate scene is astonishing to me.

Ray doesn’t even lose his composure! Even as Norman basically spilled his entire life over what appears to be a great deal of time. That head drop was proof that he was getting a little close to home but Ray refused to show it.

The most impressive part of this scene was the deal that was struck between the two of them. Who do you think had the most control in the dealings? When the pendulum swung, it was swung hard in the favor of each them at one point. Ray still doesn’t understand why Norman would make these illogical decisions for Emma and the fact that he supported not ditching him with hard facts of Ray subtly nudging them in the direction he wanted was enough to seemingly back Ray into a corner to drive him to take control of the deal.

Ray’s counter was to show just how cold and calculated he could be. How low he was willing to go for something that he believed in. The things he would do to justify the end game. They say that the person with the most information has the most leverage and Ray definitely has it in spades. The tables turned so quickly on Norman that I think it put him to check if this was a chess match.

Norman was forced to agree to lie to the woman he loved and was forced to realize that his plan might not be possible at the same time even though I think he knew the odds. But the way he did it was telling as well! I mention that level of composure and confidence and for kids, I would want to be in the same room with debating and dealing about anything! Not even juice boxes.

Though I wonder what realization the two of them came to. Ray knew something was wrong about what he did and Norman realized something he hadn’t considered in his thoughts. Damn this show and planting seeds!

Also, that nightmare scene was surreal!

Telling Emma

Her reaction was so adorable!

It never ceases to amaze me how much thought and consideration that these kids put into things. Emma was initially shocked about the discovery but then it is like she pierces through the veil apathetic resolve that Ray has to see the real him underneath.

Emma instantly came to the conclusion that Ray was sacrificing kids to test his theories on the tracking device and that revelation is damning in itself. It makes made my heart sink a bit because though I thought about it, it didn’t dawn on me the implications of that. Conny could have been one of those people sacrificed. Planned from the start to give an opportunity for Emma and Norman to discover the truth. The weight of that knowledge is heavy because the pain they felt that night was all orchestrated.

And the fact that Emma ran down that path in a matter of minutes to demand of Ray never to do it again was fascinating. At least to me.

That expression wrecked me!

I cannot give enough praise to the writers and animators here. Every interaction is meaningful in layers and the more you peel back, the more you learn and the more you appreciate the series.

Why? Just Why!? One of you is smarter than this!

I cannot stress to you how much I wanted to cut the episode off here and leave. The ending gave me such an anxiety attack that I found myself sweating. Why would they be that stupid!? Not only are you jeopardizing the entire escape plan as a whole but you are putting the lives of everyone on the line! I can’t even imagine the number of implications that this is going to cause to the group if things go south like I think it is going to do!

Just why? I know that Don was emotionally charged because he felt like he was being left out and they weren’t moving fast enough but that doesn’t justify his actions! And Gilda! My sweet Gilda! You know better! You are smart enough to figure out the way to reveal the door but not smart enough to realize that you weren’t supposed to be in there in the first place!? If you never found the door, the two you would have just left! And what was all the screaming and noise about!? You two aren’t supposed to be in there! Why would go in slamming your fist one stuff and speaking with your outdoor voice, Don!?

Nope… I would expect this from Don but not Gilda… You’re smarter than that!

Don’t make that face. You don’t deserve to wear that expression. That is reserved to people who genuinely got caught doing something they weren’t supposed to. You two… nope. You done? Yeah, rant over.

And that was episode 5. I cannot express to you how much I love this series and how it always keeping me on my toes. Since I am still behind, I can roll right into the next episode which is exactly what I plan on doing! Thank you all for stopping and by and reading. You guys and gals are truly awesome and I greatly appreciate it!

Until the next post…

The face you make on Monday when you realize you have to go work… Or when it leg day that the gym…

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