The Promised Neverland: Episode 3 – 131045

Yeah, I know. You don’t have to say anything. I am extremely behind on the reviews. I have no excuse for it and I am about to catch up with the quickness so you can expect a rapid-fire approach to these reviews until I am all caught up. Let’s rock!

The Orphan Tracker

How did they just continue this without acknowledging this!?

Before we start the episode, did anyone catch that kid catching the ball to his face? That was the highlight of the episode. I spit up my drink when I saw it and replayed that part several times before continuing the episode.

I have to admit that these three children are far beyond anything I would have been able to come up with at eleven years old. I believe that prodigies are almost an understatement. Ray is a scary pessimist. That kid could ruin any dream or fantasy with just a smidgen of his logic and reasoning.

Was I the only person mad that Emma was speaking out loud while she was checking Carol for the tracker? So much in the thought that she completely ignored Gilda at first who was attempting to ask about the night they went to the gate. It was careless of her despite the urgency of the situation. It is crystal clear that Gilda isn’t missing a thing with her observant glasses and I know the show is trying to make me think that Gilda may be the mole but I refuse to think that. I like Gilda and I would be thrown for a real loop if it turned out to be her.

The tracking device in the ear was actually rather clever! No one would ever expect something there and the way Emma explained it is actually believable and less painful than the thumb. Carol is so adorable!

But even with the discovery, it created a laundry list of more issues. I would like to have Ray on my team if I planning anything because he leaves nothing to chance. The fact that both critical scenarios involving the tracker were clutch! I was thinking the same thing. Destroy when we leave because the risk is minimal with the escape already in progress.

Sister Krone’s Wacky’s Mind

I like Sister Krone. She adds a level of wackiness to show that I don’t think the show needed, but I definitely appreciate it being there. I like the fact that she didn’t just come in and follow orders. She got her own agenda and goals and she plans on following her. Her facial expressions and singing voice are to die for! Her personality is eccentric and different that I smile when she is on screen.

That game of tag was completely terrifying! Do you know that as a kid I would have crapped my pants if she chased me with that creepy smile on her face! She can’t be human! These humans aren’t normal! Krone’s bulldozed through the base of a hollow tree. Emma outran Krone carrying two kids! Let that sink in. SHE OUTRAN THIS ELITE ATHLETE WHILE CARRYING TWO KIDS!? Emma is the real most valuable player! But unfortunately, she still took that hot L to Norman and Ray. One could argue that if it wasn’t for Emma trying to save the little ones, she wouldn’t have gotten caught as well.

I can’t wait to see what she does next!

There is a snake in our midst!

And things go from manageable to just outright wrong. It didn’t have to come to this so soon! A traitor who is reporting to Moom? The revelation at the end that there is a mole amongst the kids hurt my heart because everyone except for our three protagonists is on the chopping block. Sister Krone made Gilda a point of interest after the game of tag but I don’t want it to be her. It can’t be her! But they are pushing us in that direction! Don’t let it be her! Please!

I can’t wait for the next episode! The suspense is building!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys and gals are amazing! I really appreciate it!

And until my next post…

She doesn’t be missing anything! Please don’t let it be her!

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  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Your review is spot-on!!

    1. Same here! I mad that I life got in the way so that I could watch it everyone else but I am happy that I get to take a day to catch back up and enjoy these episods back to back!

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