30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19

What anime would make a great video game?

Finally! This was a big project for one day in a challenge but I am finished!

I knew the answer to this question when I read off the list last year. This series was one of my favorites in terms of characters back when the anime was released back in 2015. Amazing art and beautiful animation with interesting and unique characters with a premise that was far more intriguing filled with mystery and suspense. These twelve episodes were amazing and the series as a whole is one of the best short series I have seen.

I really wish they would have continued Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers but since they did not, I can devote all my attention at getting this turned into a fighting game!

Rokka: Braves of the SIx Flowers / Rokka no Uusha

Don’t look at me like that! I’m a dead serious! So series in fact that I am going to break down the character playstyles! I know the character roster is a bit short but this wouldn’t be a flagship title. It could just be an indie celebration for the light novel and anime. So let’s get into it!

Adlet was truly a badass in the series.

Adlet Mayer

With Adlet, we know that he was a master with various secret/hidden weapons and have no problem using any means necessary to bring down his opponent. The self-proclaimed strongest in the world would be a zoner character similar to characters like Alucard from BlazBlue, specializing his tools to create devastating combos at a distance. He would be a beginning character but would a hard curve to master because of his keep-away game.

I can see Adlet getting down like this with his vast array of tricks and gadgetry!

Fremy was so Waifu!!!

Fremy Speeddraw

One look at the lovely Fremy and I instantly saw Noel from the BlazBlue series. With her rifle in hand, I imagine her bringing the heat with rushdown combos that allow her to start from a safe distance. With her power being that of Gunpowder, giving the ability to freely create explosives and increase the damage of her bullets, she would be a force to be reckoned with. And the animation of her reloading her gun after every shot would be SICK!!!

Imagine the animation with just one rifle and her reloading!? It would be DOPE!!!

The Mother of Dem Hands!

Mora Chester

Armed with gauntlets, she is definitely our hand to hand expert! With the power of the Mountain, she is very versatile with several abilities but the one we will highlight in our game will be her enhanced strength as she relied on it in the show. I imagine Mora giving people the hands in our game with combos that would be cringeworthy to watch. They will look like she is doing serious damage with the way she punches and kicks. Oh, I can picture it now and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving in. We could even throw in a few command grabs to really make her interesting!

Tickets for dem hands would be given out for free though I doubt anyone would cash ’em.

It is a crime to be so smexy. Seriously.. she could defeat you with her looks…

Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra

Nashetania has the ability to create an infinite amount of blades with her rapier that can be used as projectiles or be used to impale her opponents from the ground. Defensively, she can use them to create a shield. With this in mind, she reminded me of Nu-13 from Blazblue and her playstyle would mimic that. She would be a strong character as possessing projectiles while also being able to serve a plate of blows up close is always the recipe for an angry afternoon with the controller. This bombshell will not someone you would want to fall for.

So beautiful! Being able to free shift between distance and close up combat!

So cool!

Goldof Aurora

Known in the anime as a genius fighter that is blessed with supernatural strength and speed, Goldof is arguably the strongest person in the serious and has only lost to the princess because he did not want to hurt her. Oh man, this has the perfect balance of skill and power written all over here. For Goldof, two characters came to mind it was pretty tough to choose between the two but I think I got the choice right. Naoto from the Blazblue series would be pretty spot on with archetype that I am going for. An advance character with the potential to completely wreck people if your inputs were solid. There would be no room for error but the payoff for executing his moves correctly would be massive! I love rushdown characters like these even though I have a hard time playing with them because they are so rewarding to finally be able to perform the combos that you spend days practicing in the lab. Hard work = Fun!


Bottomless Pit of a stomach with monsters. Yep.

Chamo Rosso

As far as power goes, Chamo was at the top of her class. With the power to use her stomach as a swamp, she creates a place for her infinite amount of minions to live that she creates buy eating animals and any Kyouma that interests her. She summons them by making herself vomit that size and strength of said creatures play no factor. She reminds me of Alucard from Blazblue. Unorthodox in her playstyle but very fun to use once you get the hang of what her character demands of her. She would summon pets to do damage, focusing on keeping the opponent at a distance until she decides she wants to get to do damage.

Weird but extremely satisfying!

Look like a person I couldn’t trust…

Hans Humpty

Our assassin of the Braves! Hans possesses all the characteristics of a feline, which makes his moveset hard to predict when engaged in melee combat. He used two wide blade knives, sing his enhanced agility to performs feats like rotating in mid-air and adjusting his trajectory while in the air. When it came to finding a base for this character, there was no other option but to go with Taokaka from Blazblue. It may be a bit on the nose, but who else would you use? Be honest?


And there you have it, folks! Do you think Rokka would make an interesting fighting game? Is it something I should pitch and get a Kickstarter for? This combines my favorite two genres so I had to go all out for this! I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t!

I would like to give a special shoutout to the gameplay footage I used for this blog post. If you are into BlazBlue, you should really check these guys out over on YouTube!

  • Anthony Piccaver
  • Jourdal
  • XHenjin AFK
  • Azelisk
  • Highwinddv
  • Rinharakaka
  • Sacred Azure

As always, thanks for swinging by and checking out the post. You guys and gals are really something else, you know that? I greatly appreciate it!

And until next time…

GAWD I LOVE THIS CHARACTER! Why wouldn’t there be a magic user in Rokka!? WHY!?
The feels… I love the Art

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yomu says:

    I loved Rokka no Yuusha, still recommend it whenever someone is looking for a psychological / mystery anime. Have been planning on rewatching it at some point!

  2. Mallow says:

    Oh man blazblue!!!. I’ve only played chrono phantasm, but yeah some sweet gifs there revs!. I think it can work as a fighting game, rokka. I still need to watch that anime 😆

    1. Man, I have been eyeing this topic since I started the challenge. I knew exactly what my anime was and why. I really wish they would give us a season two. I need that in my life!

      1. Mallow says:

        I would love a guilty gear anime “Oh noes, I’m falling” xDD

      2. Who are you telling! I would be all in!

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