Manaria Friends – Episode 2

Don’t even think about it. I know what you want to say and I forbid you from doing that. Sure, it started off kinda… steamy but she was ill! Nothing more! Nope! Steamy!? This was all bad. I was not expecting this episode to start off like that! There is no way I can ignore it! Grea… my red hair waifu potentially of this season based off hair color alone… was… sick!

Grea is really something?

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!? Why don’t they have names!?

This was absolutely no way to start off an episode. It is cruel and insensitive to all of the lovers of redhead dragon girls out there. Honestly, it appeared like she was in heat until you found out that others were in the room with her just watching cry out in what was suppose to be agony? Sounded more like moaning to me. Don’t you dare say you were the least bit uninterested! I’m not, I rather enjoyed the scene if you isolate it by itself. However, my gripe is with everything else. Grea, no matter how gorgeous she is, can’t fix the problem I am having with this show.

What is the point?

Once we learned that Grea was actually ill by two characters that don’t have a name but we are to assume they are part of the school’s staff, Anne goes off on an adventure with literally no context. I mean, the stuff she doing in this little montage isn’t even cool or interesting!

What was she so confident about!?

I mean, she smiles as if she made this brilliant discover to save her friend from what is plaguing her but ultimately in the end, whatever she did was completely pointless because it gets resolved by Grea on her own. It would have been nice if the two of them had a conversation and Anne explained what she had done in the hopes she could have helped her friend to establish the lengths that Anne would go for Grea. It would have been even better if Grea heard of the journey that Anne went on to save her friend and see her response.

Nope. We got a mention about her changes after she underwent her molting process. Larger breast and longe hair. And we got to see how creepy Anne was for keeping the dead skin of Grea’s dragon’s tail. Now don’t get me wrong, Grea’s adorable embarrassed face was simply stunning! And I could add some point to the ending scene with Grea’s attempt at working out her tail to make it smaller after it became thicker after molting. Anne’s comment was rather amusing as well so I can’t say that I did not enjoy what I was watching but I won’t deny that I want more from these episodes.

Changing My Expectations

I might have set my expectations a little bit too high for this series. Coming off the brilliant first running of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, I thought this series was going to be full of the wonderful characters and interesting plots that the first had with awesome fights and scenes throughout. Unless something drastically changes in the next episode, I think what I see now is what I am going to get.

But I can say that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For what it is worth, it is a series that I just enjoy for the simplicity and for the screentime that Grea gets. Not every show I watch needs to be need and thought-provoking. I was entertained by the episode and with a little bit of tuning with my expectations, I can come to appreciate Manaria Friends. I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it though because it feels more like a guilty pleasure. You can’t be serious! Just because of Grea!? Yep, just because of Grea.

I noticed you Lou! Don’t think I didn’t notice your clumsy self dropping all those books!

So those are my thoughts on episode two! What did you think about the episode? Are you even going to continue to watch this series? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for reading! You guys and gals are awesome!

Until the next post!

I’m with Anne. I like the way the tail filled out. Ain’t nothing wrong with a thick tail gurl!

What are your thoughts?

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