My Pirate Crew Tag

Ahoy there! Shimmer me timbers, I think someone has tagged us! I don’t think you are saying that right… Nonsense! Keep that up and you will be shark bait! Fine… continue captain! Now that sounds like someone who has three sheets to the wind! Listen up! We got another tag men and this comes from the lovely freebooter Keiko! Be sure to check out the crew she has assembled! You were also tagged by LynnI knew that! I was tagged twice so we double dipped here!

Now since there are no landlubbers around here, we are going to make sure show the seas no quarter with our group of buccaneers! Let’s set sail!!!

These are the rules of these seas!

  • Display the My Pirate Crew Logo and add ‘My Pirate Crew’ as a tag.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Link back to the original post here (So they compare your crew to theirs.)
  • Select seven anime characters and give them a position on the crew. These are the positions you can fill. Warrior, Sniper, Chef, Scientist, Navigator, Strategist, Mechanic, and Entertainer.
  • Nominate 5 – 10 bloggers.
  • Set Sail and Rule the Seas!

The Warrior – Black Star

There is no question that I think Black Star can handle his own against the best of the best! Especially if you consider the feats he was able to achieve at the end of the manga. I don’t need an army when I have Black Star!

The Sniper – Tania Degurechaff

The only person I would trust with keeping Black Star safe from afar is the one little girl that doesn’t want to participate but will ensure victory given the circumstance! Tanya is a ruthless soldier and can double as an aid to my strategist with her vast knowledge and battle tactics. Combine that with her abilities and my sniper will be fear across the seas!

The Chef – Soma Yukihira

This might be a little on the nose but I don’t think there is anyone that will deny Soma’s skill in the kitchen. I need a chef that can turn anything into a good meal to keep us energized and alert and I know Soma is just the man for the job. Food is one of the most important aspects of the crew so I went with the best of the best. Originally, he was going to pick his dad!

The Scientist – Washu Hakubi

Who wouldn’t want Washu in your crew? Be honest, you didn’t even consider her did you? I know!!! Washu was considered the greatest scientific minds in the universe. Nuff said.

The Navigator – Melfina

All right, I know this one is a stretch because technically she would work perfectly if we were space pirates but I would argue that with a few modifications, she would be perfect for the open seas! Positive and kind-hearted, I think Melfina will fit right into my crew!

The Strategist – Lelouch Vi Britannia

You know how to put the icing on the cake for my crew? Add one of the greatest tacticians to ever grace the anime screen! Highly intelligent with a cocky attitude who can tackle a battlefield with a cold and precise mind. Combined him with Tanya and I have an unstoppable force when it comes to plotting the course to victory!

The Mechanic – Bulma

I really don’t think there is anything that Bulma can’t create when she puts her mind to it. Absolutely nothing. So when it comes to our ship, I would want it in no other than the tender and loving hands of Bulma. She would do our ship justice and add so many other knick-knacks it would be ridiculous!

The Entertainer – Yuuko

There can NEVER be a dull moment with Yuuko around. It is virtually impossible! And even though I think it might be a problem that have her with a crew full of geniuses, I think somehow she would be just fine in their company. She would be the life of the party. Make no mistake about that.

The Doctor – Tsunade

Why not pick a healer who not only save your life but can also double and protect herself with some of the dangerous hands on the seven seas?

My Nominations

Have fun! I know I had a blast! Until the next tag!

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynn says:

    Nice selections, but my crew will mop the deck with yours… argh! Haha!

    1. That is ONLY because of Saitama and I think that the great minds in my crew would figure out how to deal with yours!

      1. Lynn says:

        You’re forgetting my doctor… the all powerful Rimuru!

      2. No, sir. I didn’t forget your doctor. You are leaving out my strategist, Lelouch coupled with my Scientist Washu (who is a God) that build brilliant things with my engineer Bulma! But your crew is not to be slept on…

      3. Lynn says:

        With the crews already assembled the seas will be a frightening place. Thanks for doing this tag. It’s the first one I’ve ever made so it’s cool to see people doing it.

      4. No problem! It was really fun to think up a balanced crew that would work together!

      5. Lynn says:

        I think it was the balance part that made it interesting. That way you couldn’t just pick all overpowered characters.

  2. Merlin says:

    Technically, you were only supposed to pick seven characters and fill seven roles, instead of all nine. But, when accused of cheating, you can always say as Captain Jack Sparrow did: “Pirate.” 😉

    1. Shhhhh! I cant read either! Don’t let everyone on to my secret!!!

  3. Mallow says:

    Nice picks Rev!! 😀

  4. Keiko says:

    Nice crew you got there! 😊

    1. Why thank you! Yours is pretty nifty. Your sniper is pretty scary!

      1. Keiko says:

        Anytime and thanks! She is isn’t she? Looks cute, is clumsy but is a badass underneath! 😁

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