Manaria Friends – Episode 1

All right! Here is the second anime of the season that I’ve decided to give a try and this one is kinda routed in some history. I am a big fan of the Rage of Bahamut game series due to my good friend Bebe. And although I haven’t played the actual game, I completely fell in love with the characters and story of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis. I haven’t gotten around to watching Virgin Soul which is probably going to happen while I watch this but I couldn’t resist checking out the first episode of Manaria Friends.

Do you know why Crunchyroll is calling the series MYSTERIA Friends? I have absolutely no clue but I don’t like that name at all so if you are wondering why I am using Manaria, that is why. Why is it all in caps like they want you to tell that part out? Nope, I don’t have all the answers.

Let’s Rock it!

Early Mornings are Glorious!

There is something about the early morning scenes that just seems to make my day. Bird chirping with the sun bleeding through the windows and our ladies going through their morning ritual to prepare for the day! However, I can’t place why this one is so appealing? Perhaps it was the trademark trip that Anne made twice during the sequence? Or was it the ironic slide of the leggings? Taiga’s was better! Or maybe it was the candid shots of Grea? Nah… that wouldn’t be it. But speaking of Grea… Here it comes…

Short red hair! Long and thick dragon tail with the radiant red eyes!? Why does this series have to do that to me!? Don’t they know my little heart can’t hold up against such a glorious display of beauty!? Okay, but serious Grea is waifu material on pure appearance alone. Pointed ears and cut horns!? I can’t! I just can’t! Someone, please get help! I think he is going to faint soon!

I love the character designs of both of protagonist. Anne isn’t anything to sleep on either. My usual rule of thumb is that if they have beautiful eyes that seem to carry that shine that everything else just seems to work for me. The uniforms are cool as well! Man, I wish we got to wear cool uniforms like that when I was in school! Anime can really make a person jealous of their school days… Shoutout of the Class President’s brooch because it was a fine addition to her uniform!

Best Faceplant Yet!

Yes, the MVP of this episode has to be Lou! There is no question and you can’t change my mind! Did you see that entrance!? It was almost on par with my favorite cool guy, Calibur from SSSS.Gridman. At the rate of little legs were moving, that root had to be the root that is keeping Excalibur in the ground! Her short little legs were moving! The gut-wrenching sound of her foot getting caught underneath the small vine to her voice catching in her throat just before she went face skating into the wall which imprinted the impact and cracked the stone! The sound! Oh, it was fantastic! Lou might be my favorite character if they keep up those type of shenanigans with her.

Hup! Do you see that take off speed!?

But I Can’t Ignore It

This was an extremely slow episode. Outside of showcasing Anne’s abilities to us and creating some tension between Anne and Grea in some rather beautiful scenes, nothing really happened. I can tell you that the introduction of Owen was rather interesting but nothing to get all hyped up about. So I guess I am waiting for the next episode but my hopes are pretty high. Rage of Bahamut was a wonderful series so on that merit alone, I can continue on with my head held high.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed the read! You guys and gals are awesome!

And until the next post!

Lou is my girl!

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