30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16

What is the last anime you watched?

This one is going to be rather short. Because of work and other outside factors, I have been limited in my time to watch anime and because that time is so short, I have been spending time on the game being social because a compliant was that I was never ground with hang out with my friends. So between being social and work, I have been rather busy.

I was watching and reviewing SSSS.Gridman and I do plan on finishing that before the end of the year but I have managed to sneak in watching episodes of Asobi Asobase because of them being something that I pick and up and put down when I need to be available at work.

And my god was that episode was hilarious!

To keep it short and start to the point, the episode was about Olivia’s brother and all of the questions that came with them meeting him.

I love the way Hanako was so direct with the question despite Kasumi’s protest even though she was just as curious as Hanako. Notice how they look completely different from each other? It is explained and it was humorous.

This little snippet makes my day so much more tolerable when dealing with customers over the phone and through e-mail. It gives me a moment of fun that resets the meter on how much of people crap I can take because I get to laugh.

I was thinking of going back and reviewing this series at the beginning of the year because it is so awesome. But for now, this question was relatively easy.

Thanks for stopping by. You guys and gals are awesome and I really appreciate it!

Until the next post…

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