300 Writing Prompts #9: Helping Others

If you had unlimited time and money, what you would do to help your friends and family. How about strangers? 

I would like to say that is one helluva upgrade! Unlimited time AND money? I wouldn’t know where to begin. I can imagine just waking up and checking my accounts, being completely baffled by the fact that my account has suddenly grown to an unbelievable amount. Knowing me, I am going to go back to sleep for a bit and wake up later, checking to see whether or not if it was actually real.

Once I have determined that it is real after waking up the second time, here is how I would spread the wealth.

I imagine having a card linked to me by some mystical means that has unlimited funds. Like, the symbol for infinity flashes whenever you check the balance.

Given the opportunity, I would immediately finish the payments on my grandparents house. That house has sentimental value to it and a lot of my initial effort would go to restoring that house to glory. All new appliances, furniture, and remodeling that can be done while maintaining the house.

Then I would by them a one story house somewhere warm and by water. With my grandmother having bad knees, I think it would be good if she did not have to tackle stairs. She would enjoy a larger kitchen and and a patio where she could just sit and enjoy the view. As for my grandfather, it would serve as the perfect place for him to fish. I would want them to be extremely comfortable. They have earned it after raising three generations of kids.

For my sister, if she has gotten her act together and began to treat people correctly, I would allow her to stay at my grandparent’s old home. She would have to pay rent but that would go to the property taxes and that would teach her responsibility. I would get her the car of her choice and help with college fees. But I would just give her money. She would have to earn it and learn how to use before I would just drop a lump sum of money into her lap. Things like that tend to ruin people and some don’t recover it. I figured without having to worry about transportation and college fees, the few things she would have to manage should be easy and if she showed me she was capable of doing that, my riches would be her riches.

For the rest of my family, I would probably just try to make life less stressful for them. Buying their homes so that all they had to pay was the property taxes and catching them up on all of their credit. I think relieving that burden would be better than just handing people money that they would probably waste without doing something meaningful.

Those close to me would get the same treatment. Clear their debts, find them reliable transportation, give them some cash to turn their lives around. And this applies to all those close. Those who I know personally and those who became best friends over the internet. (That means I get to travel!) And because I like cruising, you know I have to get everyone together to go on adventure with me. At least one for the memories! Think that is the first thing that I have done that centered around my desires.

Once that celebration is over with, a few of those that I cherish I would ask to stay and travel with me as I attempted to leave my mark on the world. I want to tackle the education system here in the US for minorities. Figure out a way to curve poverty by giving those under unfortunate circumstances the means to correct their lives. I want to provide education and trade to those who are in prison that has a chance to be released back into society. A lot of times because the world is changing so fast, prisoners who do get release come back into a world that is foreign to them and often times fall back into bad habits because of the up hill climb to get on their feet. I REALLY want to change that.

I’m not for just giving for the sake of it. I don’t feel like that works and I feel that it causes more problems than good ones. Instead, I would like to give all those that I can the tools necessary to better themselves while providing them with opportunities to capitalize on that chance. In my opinion, that creates an environment for the person to make the mental shift necessary to change. They learn through trial and error, forging better habits and traits that would last a lot longer than the immediate exposure to wealth.

How many people have you heard say that they would do things different if they knew what they knew presently? Well, you might not be able to get that time back but I can give you the opportunity to better the time you have left here.

This is assuming that unlimited time meant that because I had unlimited money, I would have all the time to do so. Because having unlimited time in a sense of a power would be very overpowered and I would like to keep this post grounded in reality though the question requires some imagination. But I would try to help out the best way I could.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. You guys and gals are awesome. But I am curious, what you would guys do given this opportunity? Let’s talk about it!

Until the next post…

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