30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13

Who is your favorite anime couple?

Oh boy! After the last two entries, you are probably thinking that this was going to be obvious! Think again! I love throwing curve balls! I really hadn’t considered my favorite anime couple before. So I went through all my standard go to choices and denied them all. No Taiga and Ryuuji for as much as I adored them being together. No Kaori and Kousei even though I cherish love they shared between each other.

When I think of couples, there was one that took me a minute to dig up from the depths of my mind but when I finally did, there was no way I could choose anything else.

~ Spoilers Ahead ~

Renton and Eureka!

It has been so long since I sat down and watched this series. I still have bits and pieces of the story floating about in my mind, but I made my adult return to the series yet so I will going off my fond memories of their relationship.

There was something about their relationship that ultimately caused myself to seek one of my own back when this series aired in 2005. Perhaps it was the fact that we were able to see these two characters grow from strangers into star-crossed lovers over the course of 51 episodes.

For Renton, it was love at first sight. (For me as well because Eureka was gorgeous! It was something about her hair and eyes that made her drop dead attractive in my eyes.) Literally, Renton couldn’t even speak words when he first laid eyes on Eureka and Eureka at the time, couldn’t understanding emotions so it was completely one-sided. Eureka didn’t even view him as competent back during the first few episodes. She thought he was immature, a crybaby, and hopeless. And to her credit, she was right on the nose.

Have you ever wondered what people expressions are when you hug them? This scared me when I was kid.

However, Renton continued his advances to know and understand Eureka, helping her overcome her struggles once she opened up to him and started to reveal her past which was marred in regret. What was once just an infatuation over her beauty and admiration over her piloting skills evolved into honest affection and that allowed him to genuinely fall in love with her.

However, because of her lack of human emotions, Eureka was completely unaware to the feelings that Renton was displaying even though she found her captivated by him. She enjoyed his company and genuinely found him to be the most interesting from the crew, intrigued by his kind heart. She found that since he joined the Gekko, the crew was becoming more lively and fun.

But when everything seemed to be going great, they ran into a road block. When Eureka loses her partnership to the Nirvash, she becomes jealous that Renton was able to still able pilot and with seemingly more ease. When Renton confessed to her, she flat out refused! Renton, thinking that she hated him quit the Gekkostate. The two of them, driven by different forces seek each other and when they do, realize their true feelings for each other, declaring their relationship.

From there, Eureka learns to trust Renton as he is her emotional rock, always there to give her encouragement when she has her bouts of guilt about her past. She goes out of her way in the cutest ways to show impress Renton, even going as far as wearing makeup. The two of them develop a bond so strong that the two of them can’t bear to be apart from each other, with both of them envisioning them getting married and settling down. That love allowed them some amazing things in the Nirvash, some feats seemingly impossible like traveling to the Promise Land and saving the world near the end.

I think the cutest aspect of their relationship is their growth. At some point in the story, Eureka’s body goes through a change and it makes her self-conscious. She was afraid that Renton wouldn’t accept her or the changes to her body. She had lost some of her hair. There was a protruding vein on her forehead. It became worst she sprouted wings and skin altered into coral green. However, when she discovered that Renton unconditionally loved her and nothing would change that, she openly said she loved him. That was powerful because at the time, even I was like that vein was pretty nasty looking. But he reassured her and calm her worries. I will never forget that moment. (It is the reason I chose that particular picture to be featured.)

“Eureka… I remember to put the toilet seat down…”

“Oh Renton!”

Speaking of moments, some of the most powerful moments involved the relationship between Renton and Eureka. We saw their love and feelings develop from the ground up, through all the happy and sad moments. Their reactions were grounded and real when faced with tribulations and it made so much more triumphant when that overcame them by relying and trusting in each other.

Love… Renton and Eureka has it spades. Beautiful, eternal, and free. It is the type of love that we all dream and strive for. Their relationship was the foundation that I based mine on back then and some of their qualities still hold up today. I wanted to be Renton and treat my lady the way he treated Eureka because it was so adorable to see her smile. Man, I’m all gushing over here… I’m going to end this here.

Call back to the first opening!

Thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys and gals are awesome!

Until the next post…

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  1. Merlin says:

    I actually didn’t see much of this show. Somehow, it just failed to captivate me, and Renton was actually kind of annoying, if I recall my experience rightly. (it was a long time ago) But you make a very good case for this pairing.

    1. Renton was annoying in the beginning. You weren’t mistaken. But over the course of the show, he grows into his own. Back then, I thought he was cool because he was my age at the time.

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