30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 12

Who is your favorite male anime character?

Phew! I think all the horrible emotional questions are gone. I think I can just float from here on out. Uh… I wouldn’t be so sure about that… Why not? My favorite male character can’t possibly bring up some deep emotional connection  with me… can it? >_>…. Really!?

Luckily, I don’t think I will have to get all that personal because my favorite character is simply a pure badass. So much so that I model one of my characters in a book I was writing directly from him. I think I might have given it away in a previous post but if I didn’t…

Shirou Emiya / Archer

I am choosing to count both youthful Shirou and Archer as the same character in this because I feel like you can’t mention one without bringing up the other and I like them both equally. 

First, no one can tell me that both Shirou and Archer aren’t bad ass. Yes, the fact that Shirou throws himself helplessly into danger to protect those would really don’t need his help or saving can be rather annoying but I find that quality about him fascinating. Ho many people do you know who would willing throw themselves into situations like that? And it isn’t like Shirou is completely helpless. It is because of this reckless abandon that aid him in getting better throughout the series. 

But he does this because of his survivor’s guilt. He feels this way because as the only survivor of the previous Holy Grail War’s outcome, that he needs to live his life for others and forsake his own dreams and desires to honor those died during that event. He takes this to the extreme by only finding worth in his life by helping people. Despite that his huge flaw in his character, Shirou is extremely stubborn once he sets his mind to do something. Sounds like someone we know. You two share that quality. 

But his strength and abilities are things that admire. Shirou is a magus who can’t use traditional magic because he doesn’t have a magic crest. But despite this, he was able to develop and eventually master projection magecraft which I think is so much cooler that Gilgamesh’s ability.  This allows him to analyze the structural composition of an object and increase its effectiveness or restoring it to its original state. Through his hard work, he evolves this power into tracing which allowed him to freely copy everything regarding creation and existence of the object and this includes their entire history, allowing him to use the weapon with the same proficiency of its original owner. This power is so cool!

Archery is dope!

Shirou eventually becomes Archer and he uses this power to craft legendary weapons and turn them into arrows that have some devastating damage capabilities! But even as Shirou, he was able to do some amazing things with this ability in its infant state. 

This is so cool to me!

As Archer, those bad traits become weird as more a cynic and nihilist. Although, he maintains his protect nature, becoming more childish with his increase in age.  This results him coming off rather sarcastic but cool and likable at the same time. Outside of that, he doesn’t really change all that much but he is broken further by the realization that he was not able to save everyone with the power he obtained and sets out to prevent his younger self from following the same path by killing him.

Shirou/Archer is my favorite male character because they are the testament to the hard work mantra. If you work hard, you will achieve great things. Archer isn’t a typical hero. He doesn’t have amazing skills. And yet against these legendary heroic spirits, he can hold own and in some cases, beat them. By focusing on what he did well and training those skills to their absolute limit, he became what he set out to be… even if he doesn’t feel that way.

He is feared by almost everyone and raises eyebrows when he engages in combat because no one knows of him. But by the end of confrontation, they all know that to underestimate him. He earns the respect of all those he comes across, whether he is Shirou or Archer even though he is deemed a faker by Gilgamesh. 

And let’s not forget his amazing Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works,

Shirou is so cool because it changed to fit his current state.

Thanks for stopping by and readying. You guys and gals are awesome. 

Until the next post..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallow says:

    Same here, Shiro/Archer are also my fav characters from the fsn universe. I really like the literal version of ubw chant. It has more meaning behind it

    “My body is made out of swords.
    My blood is of iron and my heart of glass.
    I have overcome countless battlefields.
    Not even once retreating,
    Not even once being understood.
    He was always alone, intoxicated with victory in a hill of swords.
    Thus, his life has no meaning.
    That body was certainly made out of swords.”

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