30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14

What is your favorite anime opening or ending?

First, I going to amend this challenge a bit. I don’t like that fact that I can’t pick one of each. So for today’s challenge, I will be changing the word or to and so that I can talk about my favorite opening and my favorite ending! But you didn’t change it in the title… Let’s rock!

This was extremely hard! Narrowing down all the epic opening and endings to have just one? This has sparked another post some point in the future about opening and endings and will probably kick off a year event if I can manage it with all that will be going on. So after several days of thinking this over, here are my favorite opening and ending!

Death Parade OP – Flyers by BRADIO

I cannot tell you how many times I played back the video after watching the first episode of Death Parade. It was too many to count and thinking about it makes a little embarrassed because I could have just watched the next episode and progressed through the show.

From the way the opening starts with them in that epic pose, to the mini showcase of the characters in vibrant colors with horns firing in the background, everything makes you excited and fills you with energy! Seeing everyone causally drinking makes me want to try one of Decim’s specialties and I don’t even drink. The flash of the different games that would be played throughout the series was a great way generate questions for the viewer because up until this point in the opening, you don’t really know what is going on. However, you are excited and intrigued.

Then we cut to them swinging on the wires with the text flashing the lyrics with Nona showing up her DDR skills playfully. Everything about this opening screams fun! Another showcase of characters with Nona wonderful twirl that leads into Decim and Chiyuki dancing which was so smooth!

Not to mention that the smash hit that was Flyers! I knew people who don’t listen to music outside of their native language that loved this song without the context of the opening or the series. BRADIO really outdid themselves with this one! The music video is even addicting to watch!

The animation, the music, and the presentation was all brilliant! And oddly enough, he represented the series so well despite having such a different tone. Like, I can’t picture another song or way to do the opening. I feel like it would lose something if you changed. (Thinking about it, this is another series that is in need to be revisited!)

As for my favorite ending..

Blood Blockade Battlefront ED – Sugar Song to Bitter Step by Unison Square Garden

Talk about a series that has all the style. Blood Blockade Battlefront’s ending has all the sauce in the perfect blend. I love how it starts out with Leonardo kicking it off with his causal bopping as if he trying to hold back and be cool. It showcases the main crew with me enjoying all their dances of choice. (Don’t you find it hilarious that Klaus likes playing patty cake?) I didn’t know Chain and Zapp could get down like that!

The sequence with them all dancing all together bring is something I could honestly see them doing at some point in the series and I think that is what makes this ending so special. It is literally all of them just having fun!

Aligura and Femt’s tango was so cool! (Oh! That shoe drop!) How can you not just fall in love with this ending! It gets better each time you watch it because you notice something that you missed the last fifty times you watched it.

Would it be bias if I told you that I thought Leonardo is the best anime character thus far who has rocked a fedora?

You can’t tell me this isn’t epic!

Though I could be wrong, I think this was the first time I had heard of Unison Square Garden by name. I know that they did Yozakura Quartet but I wasn’t able to watch that show even though I really wanted to so this was my first exposure to them. I regret not doing more to find a way to find that series but at the same time glad that this was my first song! This song was my ringtone for nearly six months and that is rare because I like to change it after a few weeks.

I don’t think I have watch an ending that made me feel the way this one does. Just like the opening above, I never skipped it and I watched it repeatedly just to listen to the music. I am probably going to binge it now that I have heard it.

And those are my two choices! As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys and gals are awesome and really appreciate it.

Until the next post…

I will put this song inside of a locket! I WILL! This is so adorable!!!

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  1. Death parades ending was not justice to the series but the opening theme definitely was. Yeah don’t mind me I’m just gonna spam you now ❤️

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