30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 9

What anime series will you never watch?

This might be a bit controversial because everyone I know personally loves this long running series while I just can’t get behind it. It was a show that debuted on 4Kids here in the states and very popular now. For those who are fans, 

Yes, folks, I will probably never watch One Piece. I just can’t do it. Not anymore anyway. When this show first debut on 4Kids back when I was younger, this show fascinated to me. I was coming off the high that was the Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought the show English opening was the DEAL! Like, I don’t even understand why they changed the opening. There was no reason for them to do that. That song amazing! Even the narrator was epic! Nobody can tell me otherwise!  Tangent over. 

But seriously, I loved this series when I was younger. The shift happened when they changed the original cast of English voice actors. It was that point that my interested waned. It did not help that I was starting to find shows like Big O and Rurouni Kenshin way cooler. That was when the art style started to bother me .It really felt like back that One Piece was a show for kids at least to my younger self back then. The main cast looked cool but the villains and some of the side characters just looked strange to me. Too strange for me to get behind. At the same time, I was discovering all these mature shows with different aesthetics and darker themes.

And I did not go full dark and brooding either. Air Gear was just as wacky as One Piece but I found Air Gear more engaging and fun to watch. Don’t even ask me what I found appealing about Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo but that was also a show that I loved back when it aired. 

Perhaps it was everyone hyping it up as being one of the best anime around. I am having that problem with Hunter X Hunter, another anime that I find it hard to get into because everyone around me is calling the greatest thing since the wheel. “Oh, once you get past this part, One Piece is amazing.” Or “How can you complain about One Piece when you watch Nichijou? They are both random.” Thinking back, it might have been shoved down my throat so much that I just tuned them and the show out. 

Now from what I heard, Once Piece truly is a great show. I’ve heard about the death of Ace being tragic and memorable. The hype around Luffy’s new forms has definitely piqued my interest. And the fact that my friend is sworn in by blood to love the show keeps me informed whenever I ask questions about the hype surrounding it during events. Hell, I have seen all the movies (Dragged to the theater because I drag my friends to the movies. It was only fair.) and I enjoyed them. 

But I probably would never watch it. Not to mention the barrier of entry now is way too high. 865 episodes!? I definitely would be bored or run out of things to watch. I can’t watch Detective Conan either because of the sheer amount of episodes I would have to watch. Conan is currently sitting at 925 episodes and has no sign of stopping. (Mind you, I am a huge fan of Conan and I would probably watch it before One Piece.)

But that is the two anime I probably never watch. Thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys and gals are awesome!

Until the next post…

I really want to get back into this show too…

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  1. Lynn says:

    One Piece had been on my list of shows to watch for a while now, but wasn’t available where I was except to buy the DVDs.

    Then I got a Funimation account after moving to Canada and it was there staring at me… all 800 plus episodes…

    I decided I would try to watch an episode a day until I had caught up. I’m currently at 350.

    I’ve been tweeting about every episode so far. Will pull it all together into an epic post at some point!

    1. Do it for the two of us! I will rooting for you! You might just have inspired me to watch Detective Conan!

  2. Yomu says:

    Love One Piece, managed to start watching it early enough in my anime consuming career when the episode count didn’t phase me. Once your caught up it’s great. Now it feels like long anime are just such a massive commitment. When you think about it, to watch One Piece means putting off on watching something like 72 (12 episode) anime. Pretty crazy.

    That being said Conan is something I’d love to check out, but definitely not for a while..

  3. Merlin says:

    One Piece is awesome. Not perfect, not flawless, but awesome. And, wonderful thing, it’s nicely divvied up with its arcs, so you can watch one, then go watch something else if you want, then come back and watch the next. I actually didn’t like the 4Kids dub, but I love the Funimation dub, and the original Japanese is plenty great, too. I can go on (my 30-Day Anime Challenge often went in the direction of One Piece), but let’s just say I’m sure you’d enjoy it. 🙂

    Your call, of course. Just saying. 😉

    (you are getting sleeeeepy… you will watch One Piece…)

    1. I probably would and this is probably just a stance of me being stubborn… but… I… zzzZZzzzZZ

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