30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6

 What anime recommendation have you tried this year?

I love recommendations even if I had a hard time getting to them with life, work, and other obligations. This year has been especially hectic with all the things that have been going on personally but I did get a moment to enjoy one of the most beautiful anime that I have ever watched. One that has unlocked a new achievement in my life for the number of times I have cried in one year and this show claimed them all. 

What is odd about this recommendation is that I don’t remember who or what told me to watch it. I remember someone telling me that this show is right up my alley because I adored Toradora! and Your Life in April. Those two shows took me on emotional roller coasters that I will never forget but this show was on a completely different level. 

This is making me want to go watch the anime again. But I don’t think m heart can take it. 

First of all, saying that this show is beautiful is an understatement. I don’t think I have to vocabulary to describe how pleasing to the eye this show is. Watching each episode was like going to the cinema. I did not talk during the episodes. I wouldn’t allow people to disturb me during the episodes. It was complete silence watching from the comfort of my couch on a relatively large screen. I find myself mesmerized by the wonderful use color. Everything is so rich and vibrant in the present day while dark and intense when they flash to moments of her past. The contrast really illustrates the duality between times of war and during times of peace. The visuals here are unrivaled and I cannot give more praise to it. 

Think about this series is making me emotional

The story of this show took me to places that I did not want to go. Several times while watching the series I had to stop because I knew what was coming and I knew I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I won’t spoil anything here for anyone who might not have seen this series yet but be prepared. I am not a person of the military but I know family members who are and who have shared their experiences, fears, and thoughts with me. I am very empathetic. I like to try to put myself into people shoes to better understand them. This is one show I wish I could have dialed it back a bit. As I said earlier, I cried and I cried hard. Episodes 7, 8, 9, and 10. I took breaks during these episodes.  All of the episodes are heartwarming, pulling on heartstrings with one, in particular, ruining an entire week for me. I came back to the show feeling like I had overcome some personal trauma that I didn’t even know I harbored. I will save the reason why for the review that I want to write. But Violet Evergarden’s writing and performances are unbelievable. I watched this series dubbed and I refuse to watch it any other way. 

The water looks so good!

Sadly, I can’t end this post without talking about the breathtaking soundtrack. So when I have myself thoroughly enjoying a soundtrack, each musical score invokes a memory in the show. I think because I cherish this show so dearly, each song that I hear hits me with a wave of emotion that rocks me to the core. The score is a masterpiece in itself. Each song standing on its own and telling its own tale, woven in the melody. 

Being that this is the first time that I have really sat down and thought about this show, I think it might fair for me to say that this is my favorite anime of the last couple of years. So to that unknown person who there who told me to give this a try, I thank you for the life-changing experience that is Violet Evergarden.

Until the next post…

My favorite tracks on Automemories are In Remembrance, A Doll’s Beginning, and The Words You Spoke to Me. This ending is so beautiful. I love the lyrics…

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  1. Lynn says:

    Loved this series. I started it having only seen one image and knowing nothing about it. It’s absolutely magical. Such incredible writing.

    1. I cannot praise this show enough. Everything was brilliant! The writing, the score, the animation, everything. To me, this show was like lightning in a bottle. I was shocked when it released to its audience beings split between adoring it and find it meh.

      1. Lynn says:

        I can’t believe anyone didn’t love it! That’s outrageous.

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