SSSS.Gridman – Episode 3: That First L

Based on the title, I knew to go in that I had to prepare to see my man Gridman and Hibiki take his first L. The thumbnail on Crunchyroll showed off a purple Kaiju in the rather dapper armor that did not look at “goofy” as our other two Kaijus so you knew it was going to bring the pain.

I like this entire mood of this episode though it might have been a bit on the nose. The depression weather. The muted colors. And it just seemed like everyone expression was gloomy.

You just knew Akane had an ace in her hand when the episode started with her passing the goods to anti. I know, right!? Anti looked like a dude not to be messed with.

Gridman 2

Rikka’s attitude towards their current situation is still on par of what a typical person SHOULD be feeling if they were to just dropped into this war between giant robots with casualties being wiped from existence. I thought her urge to just crash at home and not go was reasonable. The gloom extends over the entire city and everyone is just left bored and lifeless.

Now, I knew we all have friends to talk too damn much. Crack the wrong jokes about the wrong subjects at the wrong time. And Utsumi was just added to that list. Was I the only one who thought that Utsumi’s joke was not something you say to the person who is actively going out and throwing hands with giant robots, destroying them in style? If I was Yuta, I would have told him to knock on wood and never bring up the subject again. But at the same time, the damage is already done. I knew shit was going to go south from here. And honestly, I can’t blame Yuta. No one wants to be a murderer. It was all fun and games. You could deal with protecting people and preventing death if you thought of your enemy has villains. But if they were actual people? Yeah, I could probably resolve myself to protecting the masses but I would have to cope with the idea. Utsumi knew that was a bad idea. He knew! And I will tell you how I knew in a bit. But don’t you find humor in everything? We aren’t talking about me!

While on the subject, my girl Rikka messed up as well! How she just gonna ignore my man’s Yuta’s call like that. I mean, you weren’t trying to spit that hot game to the kid just devouring his meal unattractively… right? There is no way you found that appealing. Dude was ignoring you until went straight for the man’s heart. His stomach. Then he just curved your advance because his real boo Akane called him. Staph it… be serious! I am! Rikka has a thing for loner types! Okay, enough with the jokes but it was wrong that she ignored his call. Everybody just mistreating Yuta today. And we see Anti transform into the cool looking Kaiju.

How do you fail with such epicness!?

You know who didn’t though? You know who came through with no one else did? Calibur! Did you see how he just burst through that window!? Dude, Calibur has been the highlight of this show. I seriously look forward to how he fails at looking cool. But I do have a question. Earlier, they say that people tend not to pay attention to Calibur. Was that to say he was invisible to him or that he has no presence unless he makes himself known? You know the answer to that already. Calibur comes through, swept up the crew and left in front of Akane. That is going to pay off later. However, it was kinda disrespectful for him to just throw them in their like ragdolls. I wholeheartedly agree.

Rikka didn’t get to apologize for trying to spit game to another man before Yuta ran off to throw hands with the Kaiju.

And immediately, the Kaiju starts talking and Yuta is all screwed up. Rikka is asking the important questions but just like the scrub Utsumi is, he avoids answering the question because at this moment he knew… he $^%* up. I mean, did you see that top mount into face bash! Gruesome. But like always, Calibur comes swooping in again to the epic music thanks to RIkka’s quick thinking, being all epic in the right way and no missing the mark and… Gridman catches that thousand missile barrage and takes that warm and juicy lost.

“That guy brought the war to us two years ago. Gosh, Alfred, count the dead. Thousands of people. What’s next?” Bruce Wayne (I couldn’t help it.)

Before we continue, can we discuss the collateral damage? Dude… there has to be a lot of people not accounted for. There is no way all of those buildings got evacuated. Hell, when Anti was walking he was murdering hundreds. When he kicked it up a gear, he was skating through them at large. And because everyone forgets the event, the city can’t even prepare for a Kaiju attack. What is the body count? I mean, yeah the survivors won’t remember but their population has to be dropping drastically.

It might be just me, but Utsumi rubbed me the wrong way but given his character, I can’t be too surprised. They were both at a lost with Yuta losing and pronouncing him dead but after the attempt to see if he was home, that level of coldness was uncalled for. And you want to know why? Please don’t. Because he knew he planted the seed for Gridman’s demise! This was the second time he revealed that he totally knew he screwed up. Yeah, they were both suffering for their own reasons but that attitude was uncalled for. Just like a typical flake to immediately call it quits when things get bad. Utsumi lost points with me.

But guess who all those points went to? The crew of sharply dressed people!

Gridman 3
Apparently, Vit is a boy(Orange hair). I see it now. But I did not notice when I was walking. Thanks, Wikipedia!

The crew turns out to be others that can assist Gridman in battle and after an exchange, Rikka finally does the right thing and calls Yuta only to discover he is alive and well. I have to say I do love their plan. Wait until the Kaiju appears again and pop out give him that ninja L. Sound strategy.

With convincing, Gridman pops back out as if he had just earned an extra life, glowing and flashing colors. Yeah… I don’t like the entrance either. It is strange.  Anti comes back out with a call from Akane and picks up right where he left off.

That is until the beefy gentleman enters the battle as a mobile tank and transforms into two gigantic gauntlets with cannons as shoulder blades!

Don’t laugh (I did) but don’t it look like Gridman skipped leg day…

I love the fact that at first, it degraded back down to them just through hands! It is something about fist being thrown that just gets me pumped. And did you see how Gridman styled Anti!


Anti, with his morale shattered into pieces and realizing that he can take him head on, drifts back tactically into firing his most powerful beam. But those big hands ain’t for just throwing dap! And it is here we get to see the amazing Max Grid Beam! But neither one of them were chumps. Screw the firepower! They GO BACK TO THE HANDS!!!


And it here is where we see that Anti wasn’t no chump! He did not lose this fight! He was just eating the wrong food. I thoroughly believe if Anti had been eating Wheaties this entire time, Anti would have won this. But alas, he did not. Anti’s timer ran out and converted back to humanoid form. I can’t wait for them to duke it out again. You really enjoyed this fight, didn’t you? More than I thought I would. This fight was amazing for how short it was and I feel that Trigger has mastered the over-the-top action in short burst. From the sound of each movement and blow, the music, and the animation that seems to blend 2D and 3D animation (You noticed the 2D, right? I’m not crazy!) is a really good way, Gridman’s action scenes seem to improve with each episode.

Yuta returns with his mojo back and immediately gets the most adorable slap I have ever seen before apologizing. But you know who didn’t apologize? Utsumi! Not to Rikka and definitely not to Yuta! I don’t think Yuta needed another transformation if he had gone into the fight with this head clear. Would it have been a boring episode? Possibly. But I’m willing to debate this one!

It concludes with Akane doing the typical and blatantly disrespecting Anti. Anti didn’t lose like the other two and I feel like that should have counted for something. Probably should have fed him Wheaties, the stuff of champions.


Three down and I am enjoying the ride I am on. Solid episode. I have adapted to the weekly enemy aspect of the show so that doesn’t bother me. Does it take away from some character development, yeah but the trade off is for the set pieces and I am willing to enjoy the popcorn affair each week as long as it continues to deliver.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. I really do appreciate it!

Until the next post… my condolences to all of the families who lost someone who they won’t remember tomorrow.





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