300 Writing Prompts #1: Lazy Days

So… I was cleaning up my room and looking through a container of books when I stumbled upon this lovely gem buried within all of my favorite novels.

I need some classes in taking photos…


For the past few days, I have been trying to think of a way to keep productive on my blog. I am usually out and about the majority of the day with only a few previous hours once I get home to unwind and lately I have been dedicated most of the time to sleep. However, I think I might be able to get a little jump start with this little challenge that I was given. You mean the one that was given to you YEARS ago? Look… don’t look at it from that perspective. I’m just a late bloomer! Whatever…

Either way, I can do these from my phones hopefully which will curve the sinking in my stomach when I don’t post for a few days.

With all that out of the way, I would like to take a special little lady from giving this challenge a while back. Thanks for the idea and the book!

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?


To be completely honest, I struggle with lazy days. Struggle? It drives you nuts just to stay put for a couple of hours! I think if I would have been tested for ADHD back when I was younger, I probably would have passed with flying colors. It is very hard for me to focus on one thing for a long time. If you could imagine a dozen words floating about my head with their importance being distinguished with how big the font of the topic is, that is the best way to describe it. Either something has my complete and utter attention or it runs the risk of being knocked off by something else. I’ve gotten a lot better of noticing when I do this and correcting it, but that took a time.

So on lazy days when I have nothing to do, I usually end up starting a bunch of things that I wanted to do but not really committing on anything unless it fully emerges me.

Lately, sitting down at my desk and just typing at the keys has been the most exhilarating way to spend my time. You are doing it again… just answer the question! We don’t need the backstory! Right!

A lazy day for me is honestly just sitting on my bed and just drifting through my thoughts. Some sort of something playing in the background; whether it is music or book on audible. Trying to figure out what game to play or trying to figure out what anime to watch is a task in itself but once I settle on something, that is the rest of the day. It is a combination of all the things above in no particular order.

And in the case that I can’t stand just sitting around and lounge about effortlessly, my lazy day gets a little bit active with me driving about to a new restaurant on my long list of establishments I would like to try or heading straight to the movie theater to catch a movie on the big screen. I review restaurants with Google and my photos have been viewed over two million times and counting.


So in reality, I think my lazy day would probably be more active than most because I just don’t know how be lazy? I can procrastinate with the best of them and a lot of my lazy day would consist of such but once I settled on something, I am off to the races.

We also failed to mention that we love driving. So the commute to places is super relaxing!

What is your favorite way of spending a lazy day? Perhaps I can get some pointers from you because I feel like I am doing it wrong. Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I really appreciate it!

Until the next post… What’s that over there! Where!?


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