Detective Pikachu First Trailer Review


Oh My Gawd! It is here. And it looks absolutely amazing! This might be bad…

Two years ago I remember hearing rumblings about a potential Pokemon movie that involved a Cased Closed style format with Pikachu being the detective. I thought this was completely ludicrous. BUT! Despite my reservations about the concept, I was open to the idea because of the resurgence of popularity in Pokemon with the debut of Pokemon Go and the announcement of the Nintendo Switch.

Everything basically went dark. There were rumors of Ryan Reynolds being the voice of Pikachu and the central character not being centered around Ash Ketchum.

Wake up today to some very unfortunate news that I will be writing a post on very soon and scroll down my timeline to see the first trailer for the movie. I love it when I forget about things because when I rediscover it, the surge of excitement that hits me is like being pumped with pure adrenaline. A joint effort by Warners Bros. and Legendary Pictures smells like the brew for success. If it had been Warner Bros by itself, I wouldn’t be so optimistic.

Those eyes are so expressive!

I am so glad that Justice Smith is getting the role of Tim Goodman because I feel like he was subbed after Netflix canceled The Get Down. It was a really good show that I would have continued watching had it continued. I was surprised to see him Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and though his role did not really demand much, he did pretty good as the comic relief. I can’t wait to see how he plays off…

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu! Did you know that Huge Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, and Mark Wahlberg was considered for this role? To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Ryan in this role. There is too much Deadpool fever going around at the moment for me to hear his voice and not picture Deadpool in my head, ya know? I know the laughs are going to be there. Both Smith and Reynolds are funny on screen and I believe it going to be a treat to see their interactions if the trailer is any indication.

I thought it was rare for Pokemon to be out of the pokeball in cities? Is this a normal thing now?

Speaking of the trailer, I believe it looks amazing as I said earlier. it is how I pictured we would live in a Pokemon world. Just no… The Pokemon looks amazing. I had to adjust to Pikachu having fur because I’m used to seeing him buttery smooth in the anime. But the rest of them, especially Charizard is simply gorgeous.

Tim Goodman is the son of a good cop who seems to be down on life until he finds that a Pikachu broke into his house and discovers that he can understand it. Together, they go on an adventure to find his father and save the day. 

That is the premise. We have a Doctor Dolittle in Pokemon! I don’t know, I think the concept would have been if he could understand all pokemon but judging by the trailer, he might only be able to understand Pikachu. I’m sure they will try to explain the reasons why in the movie. Can he understand all the Pikachu? They all speak the same language apparently. What if this is as dark and twisted as the theories going around with Ash Ketchum? Oh man, that would be wicked! Yeah, the chances of that happening are basically zero though it would be a great twist on a movie if Tim was suffering from something and it was all in his head. 

I am not that sold on the trailer. It didn’t do it for me. I’m sold on Pokemon though. I have always wanted to see a live-action Pokemon movie. I dreamed about it as a kid in a way to justify the concept that it could, in theory, become real one day. I was a dreamer when I was younger. That you were. But having watched the trailer a few times, it comes off as just average.

I’m interested but not excited and I can’t place the reason as to why at the moment. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to see it. I will definitely be in the theater Thursday night to attempt to avoid all the kids that will flood the theater opening weekend. Maybe it was the music for the trailer. I wasn’t really feeling it. Perhaps I am a bit too old for it?

It is so adorable!

Like I am struggling here. I don’t have any reasons as to why this trailer is bad. Because it isn’t. But it just doesn’t appeal to me. I could be digging here but maybe I wanted to a typical Pokemon movie with trainers and battles? Perhaps they will hint at it in the film? It looks like we will be getting a battle of some sort in the trailer. Don’t take this the wrong way. I appreciate the change of pace from the typical formula but I don’t I was ready for the shift if that makes sense. Curiously enough,  I am interested to see what this movie does in the box office because if it flops, expect a lot of jokes in Deadpool 3. Expect jokes even if it doesn’t flop.

I might have been more excited we this was a Yu-Gi-Oh live-action movie. The concept of dueling on the big screen with these type of effects would be epic! But I digress.

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, here you are.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited about the first live-action Pokemon movie? Are you prepared to buy all the Pikachu stuff animals that will come out when the movie released? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and reading, I really appreciate it.

And until the next post… Charizard, use Bite! That will be super effective!



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