The PlayStation Classic – Questionable Lineup

I’ve been wanting to talk about this since I heard about it a few days ago when it was unveiled. When the Nintendo Classic was announced, a lot of gamers instantly jumped to the possibility that Sony would follow suit and introduce one of their own with all their classics. I mean, the Nintendo Classic sold out everywhere nearly instantly and the resale on that item is going for as much as double the price.

The problem that I knew Sony would have if they went that route would be in the lineup of games they would offer. Unlike Nintendo who owns all of their first party rights and can place all of their gems on their console, Sony does not. Couple that with the fact that they are remastering and remaking some of Playstation’s early mascots such as Crash Bandicoot and the upcoming Spyro game and you start to see where I am getting at.

And you might be telling yourself, there are plenty of games they could put on the console. I remember this, this, and that. Well, they released the console’s lineup. Let’s take a look at it.


At first, I thought this lineup was complete garbage outside of a few choices. But I am glad I wasn’t able to write this post then. Thinking about this, some of these are great choices.

  • Intelligent Cube WE LOVED THAT GAME but never owned it. We could only play the demo on the demo disc that came with the system. Do you remember demo disc!? 
  • Metal Gear Solid You can technically play this on PlayStation Now’s streaming service if I am not mistaken. Or if you own a PS3, you can play it there. 
  • Final Fantasy VII But you can practically play this everywhere. Why here? 
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Again, a game that was available on PlayStation 3 in all of its glory and on Steam.
  • Tekken 3 Oh man… so many hours spent plaything this game Though we wouldn’t have a definitive main character until Tekken 5.
  • Syphonfilter Snake’s rival game at the time! Do you remember using the taser on all those guards until they were charcoal? 
  • Persona We never got to play this one. we adored 3, we need to play 4, and we haven’t started 5. Don’t judge us. But We are really looking forward to playing this. 

But I still had games I would have loved to see on this list. Games that I thought defined the PlayStation more so than some of the games here. The following is just my personal swap outs.

  • Legend of Dragoon in place of Mr. Driller The RPG at the time that we thought stood up against the Final Fantasy series and play a home as one of the best RPGs of that era. It is a game that game isn’t on this list.
  • Tomb Raider in place of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Now this game is an easy swap but either one of them can be there. Personally, Tomb Raider was a more iconic franchise with PlayStation and if we are talking about classics, it should on this list.
  • Bushido Blade in place of Battle Arena Toshinden Now we did not get to play Battle Arena Toshinden so we won’t go as far as to say it does not deserve a spot but Bushido Blade was the CLASSIC. 
  • Legend of Legia in place of Jumping Flash We don’t know what Jumping Flash is but Legend of Legaia is better.

Those are just some of the games that I thought about so far and I am sure there are more. Ape Escape, Megaman X4, among others. The Japan lineup got stapes like Armor Core, Parasite Eve, and SaGa Frontier. And yes, I know Sony depended on third party games and probably paid a wazoo amount of money to license some of the games I mentioned. So I am not really knocking Sony because I don’t know what it would have taken to get some of those games on the classic.

So, do you think the PlayStation Classic is worth $100 dollar price tag? What games are you looking forward to playing and what games do wish was in the lineup? What games would you take off to add your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

Until the next post… do you remember playing without a memory card?

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  1. Timlah says:

    The lineup isn’t as good as it could have been, but anywhere to play Oddworld and Rayman are good by me! Coupled with Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3 (Lee Chaolan main here) and GTA, there are some great, but not-so-obvious choices.

    1. I didn’t get to play either of those as a kid but I know how they touched gamers when they were first released so I wouldn’t remove them. But a list with Legend of Dragoon hurts my soul…

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