Fighting with Currents


Before you begin, I would like to give a small shout out to Nuages. Their music is amazing! This was the music I was listening to when writing this. Give it a listen!

So… the past few weeks have been really rough on me and I thought I might share my thoughts here because part of the reason why I started my blog was to share my thoughts. Not just my thoughts on anime. I did not have a particular direction that I wanted to take my blog in so I figured I would just write what I wanted in the beginning and see where it takes me. I finally get to put something my 365 section.

Detroit’s Anime convention known as Youmacon was this weekend and I was able to attend after working like a slave Thursday and Friday unloading ocean freight containers understaffed.

And it was fun. I got to see tons of cosplay and meet a lot of people. We were too excited to get more pictures!

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But when I reached the gaming room, I was hit with a rush I had never felt before.

So just like anime, I have had a passion for games. In a way, they kinda go hand to hand. Fun tidbit! We learned how to read in order for us to play Role Playing games such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Dragoon because they were mostly text-based. We used to keep a dictionary by us to look up the words we didn’t know.

So for most of my life, those two mediums have occupied most of my free time. Sometimes battling for dominance. But the thing that can completely take over my mind is fighting games.

I don’t know what draws me to them but they captivate me like no other game. Two people pitted against each other in a contest of wits and brawl with characters you have spent months if not years practicing and perfecting. Each match is a test of all that you have learned, applying everything to the opponent in front of you that drastically different from the last person you faced. There is an infinite amount of possibilities which makes those games playable virtually forever! Or until the next game in the series comes out.

I wonder what it feels like to be up there in the spotlight…

My eyes probably gleamed with pure excitement as I stepped into my first tournament setting. Seeing the giant screen with the announcers commentating the matches and the plethora of games being played leisurely and competitively was like discovering the place where you truly belonged for the first time.

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My brother and I searched the tables until we found the game that I was the most polished in. The game I have been playing since the very first one debut on the original Playstation.


There so many people around the two monitors that if it wasn’t for me being tall, I wouldn’t have been able to see the matches. People around me were discussing characters and setups. Gauging the players currently playing and coming up with their tactics to beat them. This… was what I was truly missing.

It is one thing to play the game and play online. You are ultimately still by yourself in a room. And even though you can chat it up in lobbies and make new online friends, the ability to actually be in a space with real people enjoying the game that you love is almost unreal. These were the serious players. Those who brought their own arcade sticks and controllers to play. Those who were sponsored and played in tournaments. Those who made this a career.

And I could hold my own against them. Not only that. I actually beat some of them. My brothers had been pushing me to participate in tournaments for the longest but I felt like it was a pipe dream. I would have to pour hours into practicing and playing. Dedicate as much time to the craft as my opponents. And I didn’t and still don’t have the luxury to quit my job and just devote myself to it.

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And I didn’t do it. It was all I could think about while driving home at 1 in the morning. The missed opportunity. That could have been me.

I arrived home tired and exhausted. My entire week was exhausting. Managing a company with a boss who seems to actively find a way to throw monkey wrenches in my way. Customer Service. Anyone who has worked in customer service will understand that stress. Being too tired to sit down and watch anime, just to enjoy it. Too tired to really play the game. I got to enjoy a Good Charlotte concert after unloading two poorly planned ocean containers from the aforementioned boss. Pulling the trigger on a much-needed vacation after dwelling on it for several months. Going on a cruise with someone! Whoo! Though the thought of that makes me nervous.  Uber completely acted wacky on Friday night after missing the first night of Youmacon and deciding to make the most of my night. And this is leaving out serious family issues that I have dealing with as of late. 

I crashed almost immediately after falling into bed. Best sleep ever.

As I sit here tonight, writing out the few blog post I had planned in my head, I sit here completely relaxed. My fingers glide across the keyboard effortlessly with the soothing music of an artist called Nuages playing in the background. I actually miss just letting my thoughts pour out like this. I forgot just how therapeutic it is.

So I need to come up with a game plan. There is so much I want to do and I feel like I’m being tugged in all directions.  I’m considering giving the professional fighting game scene a shot. I need to catch up with animes that I want to talk about. I am supposed to start my gym journey tomorrow and above all else, I need to continue writing. I have tons of topics and list that I want to make.

This was just a means to get somethings off my chest. Air out my mind before we start fresh next week fresh. If you found yourself here, thanks for reading. 

Until the next post… I will prepare for the next battle!



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