Pet Peeves #1

Me: “Hey.. can I talk to you for a second?”

Person: “Yeah, sure.”

Me: “I’ve noticed that over the last couple of days, you have been leaving your trash all over the warehouse. Before, it used to be only in your office and sometimes in the area you were working in but now… it’s bleeding into other areas… ” BLEEDING!? Bleeding is understatement! This becoming unbearable! How does someone just knowingly leave their shit all over the place without picking up after themselves? Your crimes should be punished by removing your pinky fingers and displaying them on the wall inconsiderate people!

Person: “Its just cardboard and styrofoam. I thought you guys could use it.”

Me: “We can, certainly. But then why did you leave it on the floor in our work area?”

Person: “Did you see what I did with miners? I cleared up floor space by creating the racks.”

Me: “That’s nice but that doesn’t explain why you left it the floor.” Don’t try to use misdirection! I have been trained in the art of Bullshit and I can smell it each and every time you open your mouth.

Person: “I don’t think it is a big deal. The lobby has unopened mail in it and that should cleaned before we clean the warehouse.”

Me: “The lobby is only ever trashy when you leave stuff up there. The lobby is usually clean.” You tried it again! Stop changing the subject! YOU left trash back there! Fiend, you shall not escape judgement!

Person: “I don’t think this is a big deal. Just break down the boxes and throw them away.”

Me: “No problem… say no more.”



Ever since I was a kid, there has been one thing that has consistently warranted the uncanny urge to obliterate someone’s chest cavity.



I mean, I have gotten in trouble with my grandparents, teachers, and people at large because of this one issue.

Not cleaning up behind yourself.

I take pride and joy in attempting to keep my mess to a confined space. Somewhere where usually only I would go because then the only person I have to blame for the mess is myself. When I go to places where other people can be affected with my mess, I go out of my way to ensure that my footprint is either small or nonexistent.

And the reasons why I do this isn’t as noble as you might be thinking. I have graduated from the school of procrastination and I am a upstanding professional in the art. With this awesome skill, I know I will not tackle an situation if I don’t do it immediately. So to prevent me from raising all types of hell in your mind, you do it just to prevent from complaining?

giphy (1)
To keep my enemies from raising arms against me while at the same time, Yes!

The other reason is because I don’t like cleaning after people and I hate it when I have to clean something in order for me to use it. So I try not to put anyone else in that situation. An example of this would be cooking in a kitchen with roommates.

Have you ever had a long day at work but your saving grace was the steak and potatoes you were going to treat yourself with when you got home? On the ride home, you mouth is moist in anticipation. Your mind was mentally devouring your food like a craze savage who hasn’t eaten in years (Or like Goku). But when you arrived home and go into the kitchen, you find dishes in the sink and dirty pans on the stove. Ironically, the pan you were going to use is the one that is dirty with the previous meal becoming molten char on the pan.

Perfect representation of me…

I don’t know what you would did in the situation I presented to you but I lost it. It is inconsiderate and makes me feel as if the person is deliberately trying to get under my skin. And you confront the person about the issue, they have no answer for their actions! Even after already explaining this issue with them several times before!

And this applies to all possible situations that you can think of. Bathrooms, Office, Living Room, and any other place you can think of.

This is honestly how I picture it in my head.


The saddest part of this is when those people get all defense and try to point out a situation in which you did the same thing. Which is usually after you have complained about it so much that you stop putting effort into the matter and join them either in the attempt to get them to bring up the issue or because it was more beneficial to your health to just drop it.

Devious deviants!

Misdirection is a powerful tool. Some skill users can get themselves out of situations where stones will be cast because of their actions by just bringing up something that they feel counters or equals the playing field. They cleverly gather support from others in their claim to thwart your advances. NO! We are talking about YOU! Not me. You had an opportunity to bring this up and for whatever reason, you did not. If you wish to open an discussion about my actions, you going to have to pick another time.

Maybe it is me projecting my expectations on other people. Perhaps I am asking to much. I feel like if I can do out of respect for those around me why can’t others?

In the end, I decided to leave the trash right where it is. This is going to give me insane! Perhaps when  accumulates to the point where we can’t operate or walk with trash being in the way, I will have the angle necessary to make my point.

Do you feel the same way I do when it comes to people not cleaning up after themselves? Do you have a pet peeve that drives you bonkers? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you for reading my little rant. I had to get it off my chest. It has been bothering me all day.

download (1)

Until then the next post… I will play one card face down and end my turn.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ty-chama says:

    I’m definitely the clean freak in my relationship. My hubby’s a hoarder, which drives me crazy. He gives everything special meaning. Take, for instance, something that I’ve given him for his birthday. My hubby won’t just keep that forever, but the wrapping paper that I wrapped it in, too, if I let him! If you want to stop yourself from going insane, you, your colleagues, your roomies, etc. will need to reach a compromise, I think.

    1. Wise ideas! I have been trying that angle as of late. I will update you on my results!

  2. My pet peeve is when people are habitually late and then go on to act like it’s something fabulous and charming about them 🙄🙄

    1. I know some people like that! “Oh… dont worry about me dear. My mere presence is enough. Trailers? YouTube darling. Snacks? I brought my own…”

      “Cant just admit you waited until the last minute… huh?”

      Now! They can not.

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