To Aru Majutu no Index III – Episode 1 – Finally, It’s back!

Welcome back
It feels so good to be back!

So I called it in my previous post about this particular anime. My excitement was raging but with everything outside of my blog happening at breakneck speeds, I wasn’t able to sit down and watch an episode. The fact that it was delayed on Crunchyroll for a period time didn’t help either. Life always seems to make you extremely busy. Perhaps if you learned how to decline some offers, you might have – 

Ignored! Food is amazing. Work is necessary. And I can’t escape family drama! But we are here now! Let’s get into it! One day… hopefully soon…  you will listen to me…

I wasn’t able to refresh myself with the series after such a long hiatus so the recap of person seasons was a blessing from the heralds above. I can say that just the flash of imagery from all the key events is enough to catch you up if you watched them before. You may miss having all the fine details but you can carry on knowing that as you move forward things will be easier.

Is it me or does the art style seem a bit off? I know it has changed over the course of the seasons but I something felt off while I was watching it. It could just be me. I am going to go back to confirm it but let me know if you guys feel the same way.

Index 3.PNG

We open to the adorable Index singing while showing and I must say, there is too much adorableness in this song for me to handle. Everything about Index is extremely cute. I love the fact that she is still using large pins to hold up her church robes as Toma destroyed them all the way back in episode one and a few times after that. Toma’s streak of bad luck continues with him walking into the house after losing his wallet. My smile was huge as Toma tried to explain to the gluttonous Index that missing a meal wouldn’t be a really big deal. That crunch made me cringe.

I was always in trouble in school. Guess which one I was..

It is cool to see that we pick back up things as if no time had passed. Toma is still unfortunately been roped into situations that end badly at school. We get a little development from our favorite shady blonde but then move to my favorite string of scenes of the entire episode.

Those pigtails!!!

Okay… I didn’t necessarily fanboy when Misaka and Kuroko popped on screen. Yes he did. And I didn’t rewind the scene and watch it again because Misaka little attitude was so cute. Yes, he did. I like how they are eluding that Toma and Misaka aren’t really speaking and I’m sure it is because of Toma’s bad luck.

Speaking of Toma’s bad luck. In a way, I think Toma’s unfortunate power places him in less than ideal situations but at the same time, I think Toma does a lot of this himself. I say this because, in the very next scene, he gets himself in trouble but talking too much! Yes, I probably would have done the same things. So how can you talk about him? This is what I meant by watching the episode, they remind you all of all of Toma’s accidental shenanigans. He didn’t have to say anything. It would have been over within a flash! Please don’t start…


And at the same time, how lucky is Index!? Your cat runs away… wait! We are not about to skip over Maika! Right! It is so cool that I remember that whenever our quirky spinning maid appears, it usually means that Toma is about to be gone for a while. But seriously,  Sphinx runs away and stumbles into a nice old lady who not only manages to subdue the runaway but feeds you as well!?

This frame took me over 16 tries…

Misaka! I thought by now I will have gotten use the art style of this season but it still rubs the wrong way. It is highlighted when Misaka did her infamous kick to the vending machine. The opening’s action bit felt strange as well now that I think about it. I hope these thoughts pass because this show was at its greatest when it got serious. You might just be spoiled by My Hero Academia. Toma and Misaka’s interactions are always fun to watch as Misaka tries her hardest not to show feelings and Toma ignorantly ignores all the blatant signs. I am actually upset that they did not elude to her frying his phone after the electrical blast she fired at him.

They changed the sound of the imagine breaker! It sounds horrible now! It sounds nasty and uninspired! There was nothing wrong with how it sounded! Nothing! RAWR! Calm down… it isn’t that serious… WHY!?!?!?!?!

Remember that nice old lady? The one that departed from Index with the darkly toned apology? The one that held up Toma at gunpoint when all he was trying to do go home and cook for Index so he didn’t get bit? Our favorite shady blonde shot her in cold blood after passing on the task of the arc to Toma, I was kinda sad. Her granddaughter was drop dead gorgeous though a bit of a klutz. She was divine! Stockings and big frame glasses!? A direct arrow to this frail and fragile heart. This really shouldn’t be surprising for Toma if I remember correctly. There is a reason why I refer to Tsuchimikado as a shady blonde.

The episode concludes with Toma and Tsuchimikado heading towards France where our adventure will continue!


I enjoyed the episode. It goes to great lengths, in my opinion, to remind you of the spirit of the show and it works.  I am not that big of a fan of the opening. Compared to the ones that came before it, this one is somewhat bland but the ending has earned a spot on my phone. I love the simplicity of it if that makes sense. And this shot was cool! You have a lot of characters you favor in this show. Any idea why? I guess I can stop ignoring you. Younger me still loves these characters. You seem to pick up one as well. Indeed!

Yep… why? Just why!?

I know I am late but what did you think of the episode. A friend of mine has suggested perhaps round up al the episodes that I have missed into a big review catch me up because I am falling further and further belong as time marches on.  Let me know if that would be a good idea in the comments.

Until the post… See ya and Thanks for reading!

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  1. Karandi says:

    I wasn’t so concerned with the changes in the character designs and animation. I kind of expected it after the break so just kind of went with it. That said, the really didn’t do much to help us remember where we were up to with this story and it kind of made me want to go back and watch seasons 1 and 2 again because I’m certain I’m missing a few key points so far.

    1. Hm… I remember almost everything from the first season surprisingly. I remember bits of season two with the opening narrative from Toma. However, I find myself edging towards your opinion because I might be in the minority. The finer details of the show are like cutouts in a comic strip. The September 30th date was definitely one of them, even for me. I know what happened overall but I don’t exactly remember everyone’s role during the climax. Is it bad that I remember season 1 more than I remember season 2?

      1. Karandi says:

        I’m in the same boat. I remember season 1 quite well because I’ve watched it multiple times. Season 2 though I watched once and I’m really sketchy on some of the details at this point.

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