Soul Calibur VI – 2B has Arrived!

Oh. My. Gawd!

All right! I will confess! For the last week, I have been completely engulfed by the game known as Soul Calibur VI. I had no idea that it was coming out last Friday and it completely derailed all my plans on catching up with anime and posting more episodic reviews.

This game is amazing even though it is in a rough spot. The game itself in terms of the fighting mechanics and fluidity is the best of the series. The graphics and animations are top notched and some of the best in the genre. However, it lacks in quality of life items and it is starting to show that the product might have been rushed. A lackluster ranked mode and barebone player lobbies are just the tips of the iceberg. However, I didn’t come to write a review on it. You should…


I came here to talk about the lovely 2B! Nier Automata was my favorite game of 2017. To me, there was nothing that even came close and that includes the heavy hitters’ such Persona 5 Which you still have to beat… and Horizon Zero Dawn.

One of the reasons why it was my favorite game was because of the character 2B. Are you sure it wasn’t just because of the awkward butt shots that were passed around before the game’s release? Yes, I am sure. I loved both versions of the character. What you may not realize if you did play the game was that the voice actors for the character carried tonal shifts that subtly changes how you perceive her during your playthrough.

The English actor was colder but hinted at signs of emotion while the Japanese actor displays a sense of innocence. Stoic and dedicated rather than just cold and distant. The contrast here is huge but they each are beautiful in their own right.

Dude!! This was directly from the opening scenes from the game! My heart melts for it… MELTS!

So when I was scrolling down my YouTube feed and found the announcement, I literally pulled over into a parking lot to watch it and wrote this on my phone.

It seems like all of her trademark moves are here and her stage looks absolutely breathtaking! I am already going to stay that her stage is going to have the best music because I am head over heels for “City Ruins” on the original soundtrack. And yes, it will trump Geralt’s stage from The Witcher.

Kaine’s outfit from the original Nier! (Fun Fact: Her outburst to Weiss is my ringtone… Don’t judge me!)

Aw man! I love the artwork as well! That will probably be her stage select art. Kaine’s outfit is a great addition as well. Oh man, I can’t wait to play with her.

Well… I think my rant is about over. I’ve finally calmed down. Will need to go home and add some pictures and stuff but I am overjoyed to see Nier Automata still getting love. If you haven’t played it, I strongly recommend going out and giving it a try. If not, I might be able to convince to Livestream a playthrough of it. Just work on reviews and writing for now. You have enough on your plate. And besides, A2 is better… 

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited to play as 2B? Let me know in the comments below. If you would be interested in a playthrough of the game, let me know as well. Just looking for an excuse to play it again, huh?  I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

Until the next post… Glory to Mankind.

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