Top 10 Bleach Openings


All aboard! We are about to take a trip back down memory lane! For a lot of people in my circle, Bleach was the anime that introduced them to the genre. Though I’ve watched a few anime before tuning in to this series debut on Adult Swim, it was series that got me seriously had me looking up songs and artist on YouTube with my horrible dial-up connection.

I was making mix CDs for the few people in my school that followed the show. I nearly destroyed my computer sorting through all the bad torrents on PirateBay. And I rocked out daily to all the songs I could find. And though I had tons of go to tracks, I can say that most of my assorted CDs had at least three Bleach tracks on them. Please… if we are doing this, we have to do another list on the top ten songs of the original scores as well.  Treachery was… legendary… We will!

So without further ado, here is my list for the top ten openings from Bleach!

We struggled hard to find the actual endings and openings. I honestly did not think it would be that hard until I remember the YouTube purge. So if I could not find the actual anime opener, I opted to use the music video instead. Or whatever I could salvage.

Bonus points if you know what opener that feature picture comes from before getting to the list. 



Number 10: Ranbu no Melody “Melody of the Wind Dance” by SiD

Do you know how hyped I was when I found out that we were getting an arc with the Vizard scrapping it out!? This was when the fight was brought to the real world and things started to get crazy. If I am not mistaken, this was the final arc of the series before they started to drag it on. Mullet Ichigo!!!


Number 9: Chu-Bara by Kelun

If there is one thing about Bleach openers that I love so much, it has to be their style. The beach opening was a treat! Did you see Rukia’s outfit!? That hat! Going back and watching these openers like this makes really appreciate the series and what it did for the genre. This arc featured the one of the cutest blonde her loli on the show and at the time, I wanted them to ship Hitsugaya with her but jokes that came with her interactions with Ichigo and her bodyguards were gold.


Number 8: D-technoLife by UVERworld

We are going to save Rukia! Screw those turds at the Soul Society! Ichigo got his mojo back and he is about to settle the score and save my girl Rukia! Some would argue that this was one of the best arcs of the series and it is hard for me to argue against it. This opener translated all the feelings we had and stuffed into the song.


Number 7: Shojo S by Scandal

This was the ending that gave my heart problems. My waifu at the time Rukia, the bombastic Orihime, and the femme fatale Matsumoto with their own dedicated opening!? My heart nearly popped when I saw them dancing. All the pin-up portraits of the characters were equally jaw-dropping. Those stockings on Rukia! Okay… I need to stop. Wonderful


Number 6: Harukaze “Spring Wind” by SCANDAL

As an opener, this was the send-off song of the series. Listening to it just brings back all the memories of the series with all the awesome numbered art for the episodes. They even flashed through them all during the opener. I love the lyrics of the song also fit this beautiful end to the series. Awe man… I think I got something in my eye.


Number 5:  Rolling Star by YUI

I absolutely adore this song. This was my introduction to YUI and I couldn’t have been happier to hear her music. The beginning of the Arrancar arc with our Hero scared to use his power for fear of hurting those around them. This opener was pretty dark but it definitely fits the tone of where the show was at that point. I loved the way opened with them chilling at a restaurant. Their clothes were so dope!


Number 4: After Dark by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

The introduction to all of the Arrancar! Orihime has been taken and Ichigo is once again setting out to save the girl and hand out the Ls! This song is one of the only ones that really got me hyped to see the show. I never skipped this one because you were always trying to figure out the order of the Espada and the table. That was an amazing shot with Aizen giving a toast to our hero’s attempt. I loved Aizen as a character. He was so smooth!


Number 3: Velonica by Aqua Timez

If this becomes a thing on this blog (which I strongly think they will because I am really enjoying this) Aqua Timez will be on a lot of them. They are one of my favorite bands. I have so many memories of being in a car with this song and satisfying butchering this song at the top of our lungs. This song kicked off the Arrancar arc and introduce Nel! It also added the Vizard to the mix. The walk forward at the end with everyone behind was a nice shot.


Number 2: chAngE by Miwa

First, I love the bit in the beginning when Orihime is singing to Ichigo while he has free-falling out of the sky. One can argue that she is singing to Ulquiorra… Nope, Ichigo. I love explosion freeze frame with the logo. (It was a wallpaper on my computer for a while.)  I love the showcase of the Visored! We get to see THE hottest blonde in the series and the one that dethroned my beloved Rukia, Hiyori Sarugaki.  (Her dropkicks are legendary!) Overall, I love this song as well because the lyrics went with the parallel of Orihime.


Number 1: *~Asterisk~ by Orange Range

How could this not be number 1!? (Pun on the song in the original soundtrack) Dude… this opening has the most style in any opening I have ever seen. The clothing and different outfits that expressed the characters personality. Ichigo falling with the letters of Bleach falling behind the gate. Ichigo’s dad in that dapper apparel. His sisters as little angels. The colors and effects! The showcase of the main cast with characters with some gems like Yoruichi. Ichigo and Rukia bickering! Rukia skipping on the rocks! Young Orihime and Tatsuki with the spray paint! (I wish they did more with Tatsuki… she is beautiful when they became older.) I could go on for days. To me, there is no contest.



And there you have it. My top ten list. Oh man, this was so much fun to do. I debated with my roommates for hours about this and our list drastically differs despite it only being 15 openings. I can’t wait to do the endings though I expect that to be a harder list to make because there are some real gems throughout the series. The video below has all the anime openings in a really good quality.


What do you think of my list? Do you agree or would you rearrange the order? Did I leave your favorite off the list? If so, let me know in the comments below. I love to hear your favorites. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it.

Until the next post… Bankai!

No… just no… 

(Oh! Shout out to Karandi for inspiring this post!)

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    Phew. I feel like I would scream if the first opening didn’t take the first spot.

    1. Lol! There wasn’t even a question!

  2. Karandi says:

    I’m with Scott. As much as I love so many of the Bleach OP’s (it has some awesome music), the first opening will always be the definitive sound of Bleach. It is what I immediately think of when I think Bleach (that and the music that plays when Ichigo does something really cool).

    1. Oh! You are talking about Number 1!

  3. moyatori says:

    Asterisk probably wouldn’t be my #1 (actually), but chAngE and Velonica are contenders for that spot. Also, Ichirin no Hana! Bleach’s OPs have such phenomenal animation and style. And I like any OP that features a shot of Ukitake looking cool because he is (somehow) my favourite Bleach character.

    1. I love the energy that Ichirin No Hana brings to the opening. Yes, they were well thought out and meaningful in my opinion. I felt like they all told a min story for the arc they were in.

      Oh? You might be the first person I know that favored Ukitake.

      1. moyatori says:

        Yes, I fangirled all over Ukitake as a teen, haha. Older, more mature guy who is sickly and has long hair. I don’t know, something about that in a series full of angsty teens is very attractive. The manga kind of butchered his arc in the end though.

      2. Indeed, I was disappointed with Kubo for that and a lot of other choices he made during that final arc. For whatever reason, Rukia, Hiyori, Yourichi were my favorite characters for the woman. And it was Hitsugaya for the males.

      3. moyatori says:

        Man, Bleach has too many cool characters. My favourites tend to all be from Soul Society. Why can’t I go to Soul Society when I die? (Maybe because I need to learn to speak better Japanese first)

      4. I hope that is not the barrier of entry because I wouldn’t be screwed them… hopefully death allows us to speak a universal language or allows us to understand them all. Yeah, wishful thinking.

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