And as the page turns, A new chapter begins

Normally, I wouldn’t do anything like this because I wouldn’t follow through with it but this year, I’m going to give it an honest effort. I feel like a change is coming and instead of fighting it, I’m going to ride with it and make the most of it while improving myself.

I can feel it.

As I focus on the moment, I feel the subtle waves of change sweeping like a gentle breeze against my skin. Has it always been like this? And if so, why is it that I’ve only been able to acknowledge it now?

I awaken with my eyes sliding open to see a faint glimpse of person nodding at me in the blaze of the sun overhead and the brilliance of its reflection against the white powder underneath him. He motioned for me to come closer and I oblige without question, realizing that I had dozed off on the porch this morning.

In the person’s hand is a torch with a flame that seemed to be struggling to maintain its existence as the cold winds sapped its strength. The man before me would obscured, an abyssal silhouette of man that seemed to be dying like the flame it was holding. His head moved as if it was looking at me, tilting in curiosity before extending the torch to me.

I moved without hesitation and as my hand grasped the handle, the dim fire ignited into a majestic flame of colors! I stepped back startled, letting it go only to watch it returned to its deathly state and the shadow spoke softly. “Don’t be afraid. It’s yours like it was mine. Take it and embrace the warmth, but acknowledge that nothing lasts forever.”

Calming my mind with a breath, I took the torch once more and watched as the fire danced happily in my hands as if it connected to me. Mesmerized like a child’s first sight of fireworks, I observed as the flames seemed to show of its abilities; revealing the beauty of flames that I had never seen before.

Finally able to break away, I turned to the shadow who was now a frozen sculpture of a man that looked completely identical to me. Shocked, I traced its features as if I was looking my own body, noting all of the similarities. It was younger than me, it seemed.

And that’s when I realized what I had taken. I knew what he meant now.

The snow began its graceful descent down to mother earth as I took the touch with to hands and closed my eyes, welcoming the warmth. I could feel the flames bring a new life to my soul which felt so weak as of late. I was broken and lost. Confused without a hint of direction or purpose. But with this opportunity, I will taint the winds of change with my will.

When I opened my eyes, I was in my room with my girlfriend’s body underneath me. (Sapping me from my heat.)

And though I was inside now, I could still feel the breeze…

What are your thoughts?

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