As fall into a deep slumber, I find myself awakening in an auditorium backstage. I can hear the conversation from crowd outside as I gather my surroundings. I’m dressed to impressed this evening with a traditional black tuxedo with initials “W.R” on the cuffs and a intricate designed snowflake pin attached to the collar of my black dress shirt. I look around to myself preparing for some sort of event like my previous venture here and it still bothers me to see all the different versions of me running about backstage. It seemed to be time to go on and to what I did not know, but I was cued to take place and await for my name to be called before heading out and taking my place at the podium.

“Welcome! Tonight we have a very special debate for you this evening. As time progresses and we age, change is as fluid as water in its effect and we are weighed by these alterations against our former selves. Your decisions and actions are constantly challenged by those of old and tonight we are going to look deeper into the matter from the perspective of others.

Please, welcome our guest. By the request of our management, his identity will be hidden through very simple code names. I introduce Winter!”

The roar of applause felt as if we should have been at an coliseum rather than a mere auditorium. As stepped out, the crowd grew more fierce as spotlight forced on me, blinding my temporary. I waved to them kindly, using the gesture to shield my eyes just long enough to see everyone in the crowd still in some way looked like me. I had hope that I would find someone else in this twisted dream that was different, but I knew not to be hopeful.

“Welcome. I do hope you have prepared yourselves by not preparing yourselves,” he spoke with a devious grin. “Let’s not waste anytime. Our time is limited in this space. So without further ado, here we go.”

“No one else thinks like you! How does that make you feel?”

I knew where that question had derived. I remember her speaking them to me countless times. “I can’t really say I feel anything from it. I would like to think that is practical in the world that we live in that no one thinks exactly the same. We all have different views and opinions because we were all molded by our experiences, which in turn were all different. We all reacted differently when faced with similar situations because we were raised differently. We have different role-models and goals, different outlooks on life, and different ways we want to experience life. I understand and respect that theory.”

Is that so? Then what is right and what is wrong, based off your previous theory. In terms of relationships.”

I took a moment to soak in my thoughts and still my mind, searching for the answer that rang true with my heart though it didn’t seem as easy as it usually was. “There is no such thing. The value of right and wrong is opinionated and is different from person to person based off their ideals, values, and morals. I believe that common ground in the form of a agreement or compromised can be and should be made.”

How do you go about this?

“There is a reason or motive behind everything a person does. If you can find out this reasoning, your are better equipped to handle the situation. People usually tend of have good intentions behind the things they do, they just go about it the wrong way and I don’t believe they should be condemned because of this. Rather than pointing fingers and ridiculing people when they are wrong, I believe we should help them create a better way.”

But doesn’t implying that you cannot be wrong?”

“No, but I’m not trying to be right. I said before that there is no right or wrong. That shouldn’t be the focus here because no matter what happened, the action or event has already happened and cannot be undone. You can only focus on the present. I try to fix the problem or come to an agreement about the situation so we can avoid ending in the same spot again. I can only advise or suggest things that I feel would work.”

Why are we here?

“I am in question of myself. Am I wrong for thinking the way I do?”

[I didn’t know what this was. This was a dream I had and I wrote it out.]

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  1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

    no your thoughts are just that, of your own there’s nothing wrong about the way you think. we all have our own out look on things even though I’m a little confused here because i don’t know what the setting of this is i must amit i agree with you ob the relationship part bro

  2. Aridrinanna Turner says:

    ps not saying i dont agree with you on the rest of it. to me it seems like you were having a conversation with who ever about your way of thinking maybe, but never question the way you think. for i see your mind as a powerful and amazing gife.

    1. It’s a conversation with myself. I’m working one something else to be posted later on today.

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