Work Savvy?

Is it me or is everyone around me plague by some brainwashing tool that common logic has been completely thrown out of the window? (By the way, I hate pictures like these…)

I apologize, I started this without explaining myself. Please allow me the opportunity to correct myself.

“Hey, you know Chrysler, Ford, Motor City, MGM Grand, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and every other place in the city is hiring right now. Why don’t you have a job? The brainwashed masses speak with great conviction. Of those, my family has been assimilated into the collective. My grandparent advertise job opportunities better than news anchors do, even grabbing more of the collective to speak on their behalf to convince me.


There’s a problem…

If all these places are hiring… why is everyone complaining about work? Why is my facebook that is currently filled with college grads, drop outs(with work experience), adults who have nearly 5 or more years over me, and some of the older generation still praying to find a good job? Why is my generation, the one with absolutely no experience what-so-ever having such a hard time getting jobs in Michigan if all these places are hiring? Why don’t people telling me about these jobs have a job?

I have an idea! Perhaps because everyone is applying for these jobs? Qualified, over qualified, and under qualified bombarding HR’s email accounts or submitting resumes and applications in person in droves to the point where is over-whelming? (Well, its there job so its probably not over-whelming.) But does anyone see the issue with this?

Today, Ford has opened up 150 jobs in the metro area.

Why say this if the jobs are located in Ohio? Or when I go to their website, it doesn’t reflect the current job opportunities? Or why say this without specifying that NONE of them entry level? Or why even present this to the masses? When you call the so-called hiring establishment, they have no idea what your talking about…three levels up on the chain of important people. (-_-)

I was lucky when I got out of High School. I didn’t like school and graduated with a 3.9 on the simple fact that I didn’t want to repeat a year in school when I despised it so much. (I love my 12th grade year though. Had all my years been like that, I would have never came to that conclusion.) But when I got out, I joined a Temp service working for Technicolor, a company that handles of the distribution of movies and games. I worked four years strong; devoting sweat and muscle to that place. I knew more than all the people who got paid more than me that did the same job and got twice the amount of work done with little advancement.

But with the rise of technology, Netflix and other internet based services started to eat away the DVD market and work slowed down to the point where I got laid off.

Which put me in this situation. There are no jobs in Detroit. None. No one can tell me otherwise. There are jobs all around in cities close to Detroit, but not in Detroit. I’ve applied for jobs like a craze maniac that was to legit to quit. (Believe me, I know. I can’t find a job in my area and had to turn jobs down because of where they were located.) Excellent resume, wonderful math skills, aced the application and testing process… no phone call. I’ve had human resources at certain companies tell me I was over-qualified for the position. I’ve been told we would love to have you, but we don’t have any spots available. (And then see someone new a couple days later when I follow up.)

But though I rant, i do not give up. I am still standing tall and strong in my effort. I will not give up, not as long as the brainwashed keep saying that companies are hiring. I can’t. I need a job. But I wish there would be some clarity… somewhere. Anywhere. It would help.

Stay tuned, I have story that should be later today about an experience that happened yesterday about a buddy who had got conned into thinking he had the greatest job ever.

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  1. I hated hearing that over-qualified/under-qualified crap too. Who cares if I’m over-qualified, I need a job. I’ve read the responsibilities, I’m aware of what you are offering to pay, and I showed up for the interview with every intention of seeing the job through. Then you have those that require a degree (which I haven’t completed….still). I understand the requirement, but it’s frustrating to those of us who have more skills and ability than many with a degree. I know good, smart people with college degrees that don’t have enough sense to come out of the rain. Sorry, didn’t mean to go into a rant here, but I totally know what you’re saying. Good luck in your job search, I hope something comes along for you soon.

    1. Nah, rant to your heart’s content. That’s what I was doing and no reason why you shouldn’t be able to either. Besides, it makes you feel like you’ve gotten something off your chest. I think what it is, being over-qualified means that you a potential threat to their job, so they don’t hire you.

      1. What a fantastic point. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

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