Weekly Writing Challenge: I have a GiF for You!


With Christmas around the corner, I’ve realized that GiFs comes in all shapes and sizes. And I would like to share with you the potential power these GiFs have and how they can be used. They unravel in minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to get your Gif and usually, they are always a good surprise.


And usually, everyone’s reaction to a present is different and it varies, depending on the sender. Some of them make us smile.

Some of them makes of laugh.

They reveal our failures

They showcase our wins.

But regardless of present, everyone enjoy GiFs. It has been something that has boomed since the internet got up to speed and everyone took advantage of them because they have all sorts of implications. They are able to convey ideas and thoughts, invoke emotions and feelings without the use of sound. Its like a bullet point; its message is hit within seconds.

In high school, if you got caught looking at certain GiFs, you got in trouble. (Today, Japan and Korea is still using GiFs in naughty ways and they have gotten mighty good with them) Now, people have added caption and other visuals to make them completely unique and personal. Speaking volumes and mere seconds to teach lessons and morals.
funny gifs

But regardless of it all, they are mode of communication that should be recognized. The old expression goes, pictures can speak thousand words. Then how many can our GiFs speak? I hope you enjoyed the GiFs I’ve brought you. If you have any you would like to share, post them below. I’m sure I will enjoy all the GiFs this holiday season.

This one is my favorite by the way. (^_^)
Too Smooth...

What are your thoughts?

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