Writer’s Block & Discovery

There is a period and time in everyone’s life where they lack the muse or the motivation to put fingers to keyboard and create something magical…to other people.

It’s like the world itself brightens with ideal and imagery, allowing the imagination to flourish in all sorts of directions but at the same time, they confined to that space. You can’t reach in and draw from it. You can only view the wonders from a distance, like being behind the glass of an aquarium. The beauty of it all is so awe-inspiring that you want nothing more but to become apart of it only to have reality tell you that you can’t.

I stumbled in the place two weeks ago. I had returned to my blog with the goal of writing everyday but found that I couldn’t do that. Scenes from grand stories were all in place to create something amazing or at least get them out so others could enjoy. Changes in my writing style (an attempt to break away from what influenced me when I was younger to create something more tangible and real) were thought out and ready to be attempted.

But…I got no where.

It was frustrating at first. I would set in front of the computer for hours and could do nothing more but stare at the screen. I’m not usually one to be distracted by outside elements, but they leveled up since the last time and wasted no time in showing me the fruits of their training. (Gaming reference)

And even though I thought all was lost, I saw something more precious develop.

I began playing the games I had never beat and reading the books I had slept on before and it was like I saw them in a different light. Like my mind began to perceive everything I was absorbing differently. Analyzing and dwelling on things that I probably would not have noticed before and I always thought that I was fairly good at discovering tells and signs in people’s actions and choices. (if that makes sense. Hard to explain that.) Conversations began to become richer in real life experiences and with characters I were reading or playing with. Each world spoken began to create smaller stories that I would try to explore and learn whether it was through my own imagination or through depth conversations with friends and family.

I’ve been wired for nearly two weeks now, fueled with seemingly an endless supply of energy. I’ve only been getting three to four hours of good sleep a night and the rest is spent learning. I’ve played through a game called Persona 3 (A Role-Playing Game created by Atlus that juggles everyday life with a dungeon crawling), Folklore, Valkyria Chronicles, and Eternal Sonata; each game broken down and observed for the storytelling and enjoyed while questions all that there was to question. (it sucks that I don’t have people to talk about this with.) And I’ve read through the first two books of Cinda Williams Chima’s Seven Realm Series, Glen Cook’s Black Company series, and I have Chima’s Heir Chronicles on standby. Not to mention I’ve reread C.S. Friedman’s Magister Series and finished book one of her Coldfire Trilogy.

I say all this because it is complete fascinating that all of these things have different and unique ways to telling a story and the techniques they use to draw the reader or gamer into the story. I avoided books as a child. I didn’t really like them a lot, but I did enjoy playing Role-Playing games. At the time, I guess I figured that an interactive story was a lot better than just reading one. (Still kinda feel that way) But I’ve learn to appreciate the art of books now and I wish I could go back to experience both then and see the fruits that would come from it.

Regardless, I digress. Even though all these amazing things happened, I’m still kinda stuck… with a lot more ideas and kinda no one to talk to about them. I have friends who begin up fascinating ideas for stories or characters, all in which sounds worthy to be told and heard. Private conversations that is held between love ones and friends worthy to be thought about on a larger scale with more brains to challenge the though. And because I fell in the rut of writer’s block I’ve found myself in, I’ve found my reason to blog. (By the way, there was a email I received which asked me, “Why do I blog? Why do I write?”)

And this is my answer. So everyone can expect more from me. Really soon. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

    the way you express the new outlook on games and books are similar to what i am doing now. i fear i have too reached a block with my drawing. but after watching a few fashion shows and reading some stories which described the clothing of some. i feel as if its helping in a way. images pop into my head out of no where and i almost feel the urge to draw. but nothing yet so im just waiting i suppose.

    1. Us as creative people tend to believe that we are the only ones going to through a block or phrase when it seems like your creative tank is empty, but in reality, its all the same. I’ve learned now that the phrase your in and the length of time that your in it, all depends on you though. I mean, for art it might be different, but keep at it. Keep drawing, even if it isn’t anything more than doodles on a page. Continue to watch things and step outside your comfort zone to try some new things. You’d be surprise what begins to fill your tank again.

      1. Aridrinanna Turner says:

        I’ll do that it seems to be trying to start back up my drawing that is so i guess its time to go with the flow

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