Mortal Kombat Official Trailer

Am I the only one pleasantly surprised here?

Age Restrictions!? WUT!? Let’s Go!

I would be lying if I said wasn’t becoming really weary about state of the Mortal Kombat movie franchise. All around the web, people were starting to get worried because no news had been mentioned on the state of the movie outside of it coming straight to HBO Max as few months ago. Granted, I wasn’t dumpster diving for information either but Mortal Kombat has been on the rise with the success of the last few iterations of the game and it well pass due for it make it’s return to the big screen.

When the news officially dropped that we would be getting a movie, I was pumped. I still remember watching all of the original movies in theaters and going home only to hurt myself trying to duplicate some of the awesome moves I saw. Things got worse when the movies came out of VHS and I could memorize all of my favorite parts and choreographed fights, performing them rather poorly in my basement which resulted in a lot of things broken.

But enough about my childhood because the trailer is finally here!

There is no way I am just going to sit here and ignore just how savage Sub-Zero is for shattering Jax’s arms in the first couple of seconds of this trailer! Like we all know that Sub-Zero don’t play dem games but creating yet ANOTHER hateful enemy in Jax when you already have one with Scorpion is a interesting twist to his story which makes me really curious to see where those threads go.


Speaking of threads, Kung Lao and Liu Kang weren’t around at the same time… right? I am probably going to go remind myself of the lore but I remember the original movie very accurately and Kung Lao was dead…

So… SHOUT OUT TO KUNG LAO getting screen time! We are going to see that hat get thrown!

Mileena and Sonya!

This alone tells me that we are going to get a slightly altered version of the story which I welcome because most of us by now knows the original setup. I am really digging the cast! I am curious to see what role our new protagonist will play and who he will be connected to.

Yes! Let it be brutal!

Ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely love this trailer! The visuals and choreography looks top notch and it gave me everything I could possibly want in a Mortal Kombat trailer!

Establish the characters? Check

Show us some badass movies that we love? Check

Play with our nostalgia a bit and give us some video games references to get us hype? CHECK!!!

I cannot wait to see all of the fatalities, special movies, and fight scenes! I do have one question though… where is Johnny? (o_O)

Did he just grab his blood and use it as a weapon!? HOLY BALLS!

Can we take a moment to appreciate that a new generation of kids could potentially get a really good movie adapted from a video game? I cannot tell you how many of those have failed, burning in a heap of broken dreams and promises over my lifetime but Mortal Kombat was the saving grace back in the 90s and I think it is positioning itself to do it again in modern day.

And think about it… if it does do well… look at where the story and the franchise can go with the addition of all the new content from the recent games? What if they decide to work with the creators to take some liberties with the story to give us something unexpected and fresh? The possibilities alone makes my blood burn hot!

And did you catch the subtle overture to the original theme at the end of the trailer? Man, I hope we get one more trailer with the some of the music from the original soundtrack because those tracks still can be rocked today. The original theme is classic in the movie genre period and I dare someone to argue against that fact!

I dare you… Tell me this song doesn’t make you want to test your might!?

I want to know your thoughts! What did you think of the trailer? The effects? The music of the trailer because to me, while it did fit the trailer, I think it was a miss opportunity to use that original theme to send this trailer over the edge? Are you excited for the movie or do you have fears about another video game adaptation? Let’s talk about it in the comments because I love to here your thoughts.

This makes my return and in a big way! Content will be releasing on a regular basis pretty soon and I am covering everything that gets my heart throbbing! Well… maybe not everything but a lot of it! I will be more involved in not only the anime community where this blog originally started but aboard because I have SO much I want to talk about. Stay tuned!

As always, thank you for stopping by this humble blog and you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Until the next post…

Because there was no Johnny in the trailer… here ya go!

He was snubbed but he WILL be in the sequel!

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  1. That looks awesome! I actually enjoyed the original movie, but this looks like a different beast altogether. Can’t wait!

    1. I’m loving the idea that they aren’t telling the same story and they are changing things up. I am floored by the visuals and the overall presentation. I am really hoping can catch this in theaters!

      1. I’m just really glad that they are making it violent. Not because, I love violence and gore, but because it makes sense in relation to the nature of the story and for a tournament where people are fighting to the death. It’s going to be insane!

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