The Promised Neverland: Episode 2 – 131045

I’m back and after riding my bed with a fever with the temperatures outside reaching the depths of -3 degrees, I have crawled to me computer to watch this because there was no way I was going to wait until I got better!

I think leaving for a week was actually pretty good because I walked into this episode with no expectations. I remembered what happened but did not predict anything! Mainly because my mind was elsewhere but I am here now.

Let’s rock!

The Morning After

First of all, waking up to that type of nightmare would have had me rolling about in liquids uncomfortably. Especially with it happening after we just spoke about our plan earlier in the night. (Assuming that this was the same night.) That picture of Connie was absolutely terrifying!

I absolutely love the fact that Emma did not just recover to act like nothing was wrong. That she was struggling desperately to keep herself composed. It really humanizes our protagonist and makes them believable. The sound of Momma’s voice shot pure terror through her. At the same time, this moment highlights Norman’s extraordinary ability to keep his composure and gives us a taste as to why is know the top ranking student of the class.

Hearing them talk about their theories which sounded spot on was bone-chilling! (And not just because I am sick) I’m glad we received a different blend of action this episode. I felt like some expedition was needed and we got just enough to understand what could be potentially going on while not actually confirming anything. I hope there is some sort of twist that throws them off but as it stands, I love where this is headed.

At the moment, we believe that demons are eating the brains of the kids and our three protagonists because their high scores are considered high classed goods. I wonder if the low score brains taste like well-done steak? At twelve, regardless of their score they are adopted and shipped away which we now know they are murdered rather poetically with a rose and stuffed in a conservation tank. Emma and Norman have two months to come up with a plan to escape will all their friends as that appears to be the pattern for the adoptions.

Can I just say I am loving this so far? Like I was glued to the screen for the entire episode but hearing the end game really got me pumped because you know the monkey wrenches are about to start flying!

Speaking of those monkey wrenches…

Your Move, Momma

Just going to use my handy dandy tracking food tracker!

Oh! I’m sorry! You thought this was just going to be a cakewalk huh? You thought you just going to be able to roam as you please? If this was a card game like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic The Gathering, Momma laid down the business! She had one of those hands that makes you look her with a narrow glare, questioning whether or not she cheated and stacked her deck. Which, let’s be honest here, she did. We know she did.

Momma stole the momentum… like all of it… well played!

The reveal of the tracking device was perfect! I love how Momma already had her suspicions and even though she did not know exactly who was out that night, decided to flex her power and show that she was still in control of things. Not only did this monkey wrench add another complexity to their situation but I feel like this could potentially be a trump card as now they actively have to be aware of how much time is spent in certain locations outside. It may not even be used to that degree but the idea of it is just sick!

But she wasn’t done!

The best scene of the episode goes to Emma and Momma’s confrontation in the hallway. I was on the edge of my seat (Literally)

She doubled down on her attack and applied some UBER pressure but confronting Emma. Momm’s piercing eyes that appeared to be staring directly into the soul of Emma. Emma who was probably calculating in her head so much at the time that I can’t even fathom how she was able to solve the puzzle to pretend perfectly at that moment and play the part. And then raise the stakes by jabbing back at Momma!

Like do you understand how much courage and strength that took? That collapse shortly after they left Momma’s presence was something I remember fondly when I was in the principle’s office after doing something stupid knowing well that my next choice of words could decide whether or not I was being suspended or getting off the hook with a phone call. However, it makes me wonder just how long Ray was there because he sprung that escape just when things could have taken a turn for the worse.

But Momma wasn’t done! She took that jab like a prizefighter and answered with just blatantly coming out and asking where you two the ones that went to the gate yesterday. She knew the response she was going to get. No one in their right mind would have admitted it but the fact that she asked showed that she much have been rattled a bit by the jab.

Good Things comes in Threes

Finally, Ray made his move and made Emma and Norman spill the beans. We all know it was just a matter of time before that happened.

I loved how Ray tried to lay it on Emma in the hopes that he would change her mind only to have Emma nonchalantly bat his opinions away and continue to push forward with her idea of saving everyone. It really highlights their personalities and set the stage for what I believe will be an amazing show.

Emma, driven to protect those around her will be willing to forsake everything to save those that she cherish.

Norman, smitten by the courage and bravery of Emma and confident in his own abilities and skills now has the motivation to pour all of his efforts into the seemingly impossible escape plan to run away with everyone.

And Ray, not one to be beaten or outdone by his rivals and I suspect a sucker for unsolvable challenges is now fired up to come up with the winning formula to make the plan he knows is impossible, possible.

So our stage is set!

A New Challenger Has Appeared!

I had forgotten that Momma never ended her turn. She still had one more play up her sleeve and this was a huge monkey wrench! As if the tracking device and her already devious skills weren’t enough, she decided that it wasn’t worth taking the chance against these little brats and decided to get some assistance while also introducing another orphan Carol, a baby to the mix!

This was some way to end the episode. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, Momma ended her turn in a rather favorable position. She managed to throw two monkey wrenches and apply some major pressure to our band of three. I am suspecting that Emma, Norman, and Ray will have an answer next episode because right now, it is looking bad.

And I am so excited!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading. I really appreciate it and want you to know that you are awesome! Flaunt your awesomeness! Go ahead! Wave it like you just don’t care!

Until the next post… ROCK OUT TO THE ENDING SONG!

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  1. Ty-chama says:

    This episode left me feeling torn. I couldn’t help but side with Ray. Emma is naive for wanting to save everybody. Surely their best bet would be to save those with the best chances of survival? But I think, were I in a similar situation, there’s no way I could just leave, say, my younger brother behind… It’s quite the conundrum…

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