30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11 (Side B)

Who is your favorite female anime character?

I think my first choice might have been slightly influenced by the fact that I spent the last few days thinking about how amazing Your Lie in April was. That might have made me a bit bias though to be honest, there was only two women in the running in the first place, And as my memory begins to distant itself from Kaori for the feels, letting her rest peacefully in my hear where she belongs… there is one other who rises to assumed her rightful place as my favorite female anime character.

With Kaori being relatively new on the block in comparison, this is the reason why I decided to do a side B to this challenge. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself with that did not give this woman the praise that she so rightfully deserves. So without further ado… let me introduce…

Rin Tohsaka

I love stories that involve magic and mages. I love history and learning about individuals who made their mark on the world, becoming legends. So when I discovered Fate/Stay Night, there was no question in my mind on whether or not I was going to enjoy the series. But, I did not expect to fall head over heels for the heir to the Tohsaka house, Rin. 

Big, expressive, and lovely aqua eyes? Check. Long black pigtails? Check. Turtleneck and stockings? Check. From just a mere appearance perspective, if she had red hair instead of her black, she would have been the perfect character in my eyes. 

She is so cute!

From a personality standpoint, she is loud, shrewd at times, and bossy. Sounds like your type of girl. Especially knowing that she has a competitive streak about her that is clear throughout all the roots. I enjoy her highborn attitude and manner of speech even though it is clear that is a front. She is actually rather nice and thoughtful, often times going out of her way to help those that she cares about even though it may hinder her own goals. To me, she is the best form of a Tsundere if she falls under that category for you because although she plays the aggressive fiery role perfectly, she is also mischievous with a great sense of humor which allows her to play both sides of trope seamlessly.  

As a mage, our girl was born being able to manipulate all five great elements, an extremely rare trait for a mage and this alone puts her in line to become one of the strongest mages to have ever existed in this series. Her strength is in storing magical energy into her preferred choice of jewelry and using them as bullets to fire into her foes. While not necessarily impressive at first, she was able to take away one of Berserker’s twelve lives and battle on part with Caster, countering spells that were from the Age of Gods. She is a threat to anyone who is willing to test the waters.

Not only that, she can throw dem hands! There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman lay them paws on her foes and she came layeth the smackdown. She does this by reinforcing her legs and arms. With heighten strength, she can run fast enough to appear as blue to the human eye and deal massive damage by focusing on hurting her opponent critically. Do you see the combo she lays on Caster!?

Falco… PUNCH!

What is there not to like about Rin? Even her voice in both dub and sub were amazing. I can’t think of a better character who  portrays the traits of a true heroine. If it wasn’t for the plot of the story, I wholeheartedly believe that Rin would have won the Holy Grail. Playful and adorable at times and dominant and commanding the rest of the time, Rin is a force of nature. 

Can we see her throw down one more time!? I wish they would give her own little series! 

I want to see how they grew as characters in terms of their skill and their personality. 

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

Until the next post…

My heart… why did they do this? 

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  1. Merlin says:

    I actually haven’t seen the show, but even I’ve noticed Rin. There’s just something about her that demands one’s attention. From what you say here, she sounds like quite a woman. 🙂

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