30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11

Who is your favorite female anime character?

After yesterday’s post, can I just refer you to that one and use Kaori has my favorite? I mean, she is like literally everything you could possibly want in a character. Hell, I could even make the argument for myself that she has all the qualities that I would like to have in a potential partner and yes, that includes some faults. 

So the answer to this question was easy. I’m not even  going to try to convince myself otherwise.

You reached more than one person, Kaori

Kaori Miyazono was perfection. There are thousands of reasons why she is my favorite character. Free-spirited, independent, head-strong, determined, kind, funny, and sweet. But at the same time, she was vulnerable and desperate. 

When I think really sit down and really think about it, Kaori was truly something special. Despite knowing that her time was limited, she chose to sacrifice her chance at being with the one she loved to merely be close to him. She found an excuse to be close to the person she idolized to help pull him from the depths of depression and show him just how beautiful the world could be. And she did this without ruining him. She literally gave her life to him unconditionally and fixed what essentially was a broken soul. 

Do you realize just how just beautiful that is?

From the moment that she watched him perform, she set her sights her being close to him. That was all she ever wanted and lived the rest of her life to fulfill that wish. She lived her life to the fullest and she cherished every moment of that life. I think that makes the fact that she died at the end of the series heart-breaking while at the same time, so astonishing.  

And every moment from that little lie she told forward was magical. 

With her letter in context, watching the series again points out all those astonishing moments. Every smile she gave. Every thoughtful expression. Her outbursts and her beatings.  

The layers in that series with the questions that she asked Kousei that was revisited at the end to lead up to her confession of love tears me apart every time I listen to it. 

I think she is my favorite female character because to me, she represents that truest form of love. The unconditional love that everyone seeks. Naturally flourishing out of their experiences with each other. That honest and pure love that allows for growth through good times and bad times. It is the love some people see glimpses of in our parents and grandparents when you see them just sitting together talking casually.  

Whether it be just a friend or as something more, I feel Kaori Miyazono would be a wonderful person to have in their life and I’m glad that she is in mine.

Also, shout out of the English voice actor Erica Lindbeck. She did a brilliant job as the voice of Kaori. All the emotional highs and lows that she was able to express in her voice. 

Every time those eyes shimmered like that…

Thanks for swinging by and reading. You gals and guys are awesome. 

Until the next post….

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  1. Lynn says:

    I skipped yesterday’s post as this is still something I need to see. Will definitely have to fit it in next year.

    1. Good, there was some spoilers in there. You might want to avoid the next one as well. Your day will be Tuesday!

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