The One Lovely Blog Award!

Hey! Did you hear? Someone thinks the blog is lovely! Really!? 


It was already very flattering that some people out their thought that my little blog was really neat. Like seriously, I called my grandmother and yelled at her for like ten minutes because I was so excited about someone nominating me. It was even more amazing when someone nominated me again! Once again, I called my grandfather this time and though he did not want to listen, he put up to me exciting yelling for about three minutes. With the third nomination, I annoyed my roommates who eventually closed their doors and left me to my own devices. 

This nomination was a bit different. I took this nomination very soberly because when I thought about it, being lovely is pretty awesome. I was just getting used to my blog being neat and here it is now becoming lovely. I would have never thought.

So here are the rules for this award. Wait… we aren’t being over the top?

Seriously, like I am cheesing right now…

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
2) Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
5) Include this set of rules
6) Inform your nominees

Thank you Yomu for nominating me. I don’t know what made you think my blog is lovely but I am humble and grateful to  know that you think it so. Onward to the seven things I don’t think you know about me. 

I Write Food Reviews!

I have actually been doing it for quite some time now. I started about two years ago once a waitress suggested that I should upload my photos to Google Maps for their restaurant. The rest is basically history. I have always enjoyed trying new foods and going to different restaurants. Everyone cooks differently and tasting all sorts of different food is really fun.  I started writing reviews for those places shortly later and soon I had some local businesses call me out to takes pictures. Nothing like major or anything, it only happened twice but I thought it was really cool. Here are some pictures!

My Job

I’m stealing this one from Yomu. I am the general manager for a small ductless mini spit company called Thermocore Systems. We currently five employees deep right now and we moving millions of dollars worth of product a year. I thought it was so cool when I first started working there because I recognized the units we were selling because of anime. Here in the States, we are just now adopting the technology of ductless air conditioning. The concept here is still fresh in people’s mind. However I know that basically everywhere else, these things are common. With it only being five employees, I find myself being a jack of all trades. From inventory control, customer support, overseeing several online platforms, and keeping company morale high (which is something I do very well because I can’t help but be goofy.), I keep the ship afloat. It is one of the reasons I find it hard to sit down and watch anime because I am always working. Speaking of working…

My Dreams and Goals

I want to be like my idols Adam Sessler and John Campea. Adam used to be an amazing video game reviewer and was the co-host for X-Play back when G4tv was a thing. John Campea is a film reviewer and was the host for AMC Movie Talk and Collider Movie Talk before moving to create his own podcast and YouTube channel. 

I have always loved writing. It became with writing little short stories, inspired by the shows that I consumed every day. The only problem was that I hated reading at that time. I can’t remember why but know I broke that habit. Not really, you just discovered Audible. It isn’t technically reading… I got my writing fix by Role-Playing on AOL in chat rooms and sometimes on Role-Play forums. That took the bulk of my life. The fact that I could craft this grand fantasy tales with other people who had their own characters was incredible. I moved on to poetry during high school thanks to a lovely friend with introduced me to the craft. That phase lasted for quite some time, shifting me out of the dream of writing novels. Soon, after a broken heart, I started watching reviews and things alike on YouTube. And that lead me here. 

I want to have a podcast discussing these amazing books. Write about anime and other shows that I watch. Play single player experiences with people on Twitch so we can experience the game together. My latest idea is start a weekly night of anime on, watching it with fellow anime lovers so we can enjoy it together. I would love to be able to do this full time and next year, I plan on doing everything I can to make that reality.

I Own About 400 Games.

Last time I checked, I owned 33  SEGA games, 39 Playstation Games, 42 Playstation 2 games, 170 Playstation 3 games,  14 PSP games, 2 Vita Games (Don’t own a Vita), 16 Nintendo DS games, and about 55 PS4 games. I also own at least 20 PC games. 

 I don’t know if that is a lot or not. The internet has shown me that I might still be on the smaller end of collections but I like to think that I’ve done pretty well. I still have a lot of games backlogged that I need to play and beat and that list continues to grow each year. Some of my favorite games from this generation are Monster Hunter World, Nier: Automata, Paragon, Rainbow Six Siege, Spiderman, OSU!, Darkest Dungeon, and Don’t Starve Together. 

I Love Music Games!

Though I did not get to play a lot of them as a kid, I have a huge thing for music games. I think this might be a little bit on the nose, but what can I say? Games that allow me to play along with the music tend to be the ones I get the most joy from. I adored my keyboard where the keys lit up to guide me while playing. The most recent of these musical treasures is a game called osu! This is game where people make custom beatmaps that you must play to generate a score. I think the thing I love most about this game is the community as they usually create maps for anime opening and endings which are my favorite to play.  If you never heard of it, here is some gameplay footage below!

Don’t judge me to harshly! I am getting better! 

I tried to be a Fighting Game YouTuber.

I learned first hand just how hard it can be to edit a video into something cool and unique. Last year, at the request of a friend who wanted to see how good I was, I attempted to make a video that I think was way out of my lead. There is YouTuber called SchwaAkari who makes some really amazing videos of his adventures in Dark Souls 3. If you are a fan of the game, I seriously recommend watching his videos. All of them are epic in scope and captivating to watch. From the old school music that he plays in the background to the commentary on the fight, I never seem to be able to take my eyes away from the screen. 


I digress. I thought it was a great idea to combine what I loved about this videos and mold into a fighting game format. Let’s just say that it was horrible and I am only sharing this because I wanted to give you guys something that I was embarrasses me.  The timing was all out of wack. People couldn’t read what I was saying. I tried so much different stuff in the video. And I forgot all the music I picked out! Don’t cringe too hard!

I thought it was so cool though…

I almost cried today…

Don’t judge me! Let me explain! So, as I am writing this, I receive a notification on twitter. Usually, I ignore twitter because I am still not used to checking it as often as I should. I not really big on social media so this adjustment is bit rough. But while I was watching the cross-over event Elseworld on the CW, I decided to see what it was. 

It was the Project Destati! They saw and read my thoughts on their work and retweeted it!  I dropped my phone and just sat there. I didn’t know what to do. Having them respond to is was something I would have EVER imagined happening. The whole reason why I wrote it in the first place because I wanted to expose it to more people who loved the series. It is like having your favorite artist comment on your work. I am literally still shaking on a high that I don’t think I am going to come off of tonight. 


Ty-Chama! Because I think your blog is pretty lovely. 

Moyatori! I have read all the Toradora post! They are sooooo lovely.

Mallow! Love you thoughts in your very News Edition! As well as your thoughts on Valkyria Chronicles 4. So you get the love!

BONUS! Merlin! I love your Sunday’s Wisdoms! Lovely, they are. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading. You guys/gals are awesome!

Until the next post..

See ya!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yomu says:

    LEVEL 6 food reviewer? I didn’t even know food reviewing had levels haha, that’s awesome.

    I used to watch a TON of Xplay (and attack of the show) on G4tv when I was younger! So while I haven’t seen him since then, I did enjoy Adam Sessler back then for sure. I feel like watching video game reviews back then was like the equivalent of watching a twitch streamer today. Great times for sure, and they had a lot of funny bits too.

    Podcast sounds like a fun idea, one that had crossed my own mind at times. Best of luck with your aspirations, what could be better than creating content and engaging with people over anime / video games / other interests?

    Thanks for the very cool answers!

    1. Me either until Google came along!

      X-Play was some of best television I watched back the. And the work he did afterwards on YouTube was equally amazing.

      Doesn’t it? Perhaps if everything goes as plan, I can have you as a guest. It would be awesome!

  2. moyatori says:

    Ooh, food reviews~ I want to do those so badly, but my photography skills are horrendous and I never have the patience to take pictures before I dig in.
    That’s a lot of games! I have Osu and I let it play in the background when I do torturous workout/yoga videos.
    And…thanks for nominating! Didn’t even notice the nomination until I started commenting! I’m so happy you enjoy the Toradora series, and do expect the next one coming up before the end of this week!

    1. Lmao! I have ruined several reviews because I forgot why I came to the restaurant when the food hit the table.
      No problem! I look forward to reading your and I cant wait to read the next Toradora! post!

  3. Mallow says:

    Thanks for the nomination 😀

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