30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 8

What is your favorite anime so far?

Contrary to what my previous post, Violet Evergarden will not being my favorite anime for this post. That anime was ascended to realms where only the few truly brilliant anime for me reside. Today, will discuss an anime that has made my stomach hurt several times while watching the series and never ceases to amazing me with the gags.

Hanako (left), Olivia (Middle), and Kasumi (left)

I mentioned this anime before and this give me the perfect excuse to go into more detail about these three lovely ladies and all of their shenanigans!

Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi are three second year students at a all girl middle school part of a club that they created call the Pastimers Club, where they do whatever pasttimes they can come up with. This usually results him them doing random games or hobbies that lead to some hilarious situations and outcomes. 

Do not let this show fool you with his sweet and innocent opening. Hanako is a horrible human being. Did you see that face? It just screams up to no good, doesn’t it? The best way for me to describe it just to show a clip. To give you some context to the scene, our three ladies are playing a punishment game after Olivia played a perfect game of memory. The goal was to see if Olivia was truly lucky or was she just cheating the entire time. 

And this is just a small sample of the slapstick humor that goes on in this show. Out of the three, I can’t choose between Olivia or Hanako. Olivia puts herself in situations where you can’t help but feel sorry for her for not thinking about the potential consequences for her actions. And Hanako… oh Hanako… you know what, I think I will pick Hanako. But only because of her relationship with her butler.

But to tell you the truth, there is a bit of charm here. These girls are still just girls trying to navigate school life. Underneath the jokes and humor, they are still believable characters who just so happen to go to the very extreme when it comes to solving their problems and I love how their problems carry over into the next episode. The events of the first episode is still an issue in the last and when you considered all the stuff they did in between that time, you will probably stroke your temple. 

I love the animation and sometimes morbid facial expressions. I used to think Kakegurui had some creepy faces but nope, Asobi Asobase takes the first place and pulling away from the competition. I mean they make some truly horrid expressions that I wish I could do from time to time during my conversations at work. 

Long story short, this anime still manages to make me laugh even after finishing the series. I highly recommend me this to people who just want to unwind and not take anything serious. You will thank me later. 

Until the next post…

You won’t unsee this… I promise…

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