SSSS.Gridman – Episode 4: Awkward?

Am I wrong in thinking that they are going to turn Akane into a typical villain that is going to lost her marbles near the end of the series and become the final boss in a desperate attempt to thwart and finally defeat Gridman? I can’t be the only one who mind wandered down that dark side street, right? I know you aren’t supposed to make that journey but this episode lured me there with a piece of candy.

The episode opens with Akane task to do a little reconnaissance to determine or confirm the identity of Gridman who she believes is Yuta. And what is the best way of doing that? By rekindling an old friendship?


Just like I said in my review of episode three, the ending hinted to Akane and Rikka having some sort of relationship before we pick up with these characters and two of them elude to it during in their conversation. Rikka makes it sound as if they used to be very buddy before but Akane doesn’t seem to remember it.


Here, Akane very aggressively but casually(how?) questions her about Yuta to Rikka’s surprise. How savage do you have to be to just blatantly ask someone who you don’t normally talk to about their relationship with another person? Who does that and expect an answer? You know you she was expecting one too. The long awkward pause spoke volumes and when she realize that she wasn’t going to get that answer, she played it off. I wish they were have given Akane some inner monologue because I would love to hear what was going through her mind.

Hass and Namiko get some screen time. They are head over heels with hanging out with the online group Hensei and our down to earth Rikka wants no part of it until Akane tips the scale by agreeing to go and virtually removed her chance to dodge out because no one wants to be the one that ruins a good time.

But we find out that some part of Rikka is indeed interested in the outing even if it just a small bit of curiosity and Yuta is not feeling it! Even Gridman had the question Yuta with that furrowed expression


Now, we have all been here. You hear your crush is about to go out with someone either in a group setting or together alone and that tinge of jealousy takes root in their head. But there is absolutely no way I would have stalked my crush. One, you don’t really know what is going on because you can’t be actually there so following them around is a waste. And two, You ruining any chance of getting the girl if you are caught. So Vit suggestion is totally devious and I love it! Going as far as to plant the seed of fear it being “too late”.

(Insert gif here)

Before we continue, can we highlight Namiko? Party girl! Living in the moment with spirited youth! She was alive with her ginger ale! She is the one that will be at the karaoke bars singing her heart out in a drunken stupor, enjoying every minute of it and we will appreciate her courage! But you know who didn’t on it, Rikka and by some extension Akane. Akane makes another attempt at getting information out of Rikka but it ultimately fails and she ends up having a moment. I knew when they arrived that someone was going to touch her and she was going to flip her switch. However, I was very surprised when it happened as she able to maintain it and not make a scene. Yeah, I waiting for her to make an outburst. It is going to be gold! 

Our master stalkers arrive on the scene and I thought it would have been interesting to have them run across Akane while in the hall. but that did not happen. I get my Caliburn moment with him barraging into one of the rooms. The look on Yuta’s face when he sees Rikka with Yamato was priceless. Utsemi learns that Akane isn’t there and completely abandons the mission. See! That isn’t a friend! Selfish bastard! And the entire crew bails on Yuta. I understand why. The entire idea was actually rather stupid like I said earlier, but they had already followed through with the plan. See it to the end! Gosh!

This is the face I make when there is no more milk…

The scene with Max eludes that something transpired between Rikka and Yuta that might have been on the romantic level. Maybe he confessed to her. Perhaps, he asked her out on a date. Something happened!

Why? Why this look?

Akane comes up with a clever new Kaiju that begins to kill members of the Hensei and when Rikka learns of it through meeting up with Namiko and Hess, she runs off to save the sole surviving member Yamato. Rikka finds our victim but soon after, the Kaiju finds them and attempts to finish off the last remaining member when my man Caliburn swoops in with the blades drawn, slicing and dicing.


After alerting the others that a Kaiju appears, Yuta springs into action and the battle starts! However! Had it been me, I would have been like… “Oh! you were kicking it with Yamato and you want me to save him eh?” Nah, I’m kidding but I did find it odd nothing was mentioned about that for the rest of the episode.

Now, I don’t think the Kaiju of the week was meant to be anything special. It was really pleasing to look at and really wasn’t all that special. To be honest, it was rather lackluster this week and Akane should be ashamed though the purpose of this was to kill people without being detected. I actually thought that Gridman should have been able to handle this one without any aid.

What I wasn’t expecting was Anti transforming and throwing hands with the Kaiju of the week as an attempt to prevent it from defeating Gridman. That is some dedication!  Anti gets tied up with the Kaiju and all of the assist weapons attempt to come to aid Gridman only to freeze up midway. I like how Anti took advantage of the opportunity and hurled the kaiju at Gridman just because. After some simple thinking from Rikka (unplugging the system so that it could reboot), our team learns that can’t summon all of them at once and opts to just use Max again because it worked last time. Could have imagined if she totally but accidentally killed everyone by unplugging the system like that? All that lost data? This sho would have turned dark real fast…

For those who might be too young to have experienced it, this is what dial-up felt like.
I don’t know why but I like Anti taking advantage of this situation

Gridman returns in his Max form and uses what existentially their version of Might Guy’s Dynamic Entry from Naruto. Dope move but don’t think I am not going to call it like I see them! Before Anti could get his hands on a low powered Gridman, he reverts back to his humanoid form. What is with this kid and not eating his Wheaties!? He would have the energy of champions if he did! Gosh! Get with the program! If it turns out Anti need to eat something to get more powerful… 

Tell me this isn’t dynamic entry! I dare you! The explosion caused so much death…

Back at the cafe, Yuta finally works up the courage to ask Rikka on a date but she obliviously doesn’t catch on to Yuta just wanting it to be just them two.

They are going to drag this out and have some moment that is completely unnecessary to have them finally convey or realize their feelings. I wish they would handle that differently. There is still a chance for that so fingers crossed. But their interactions are becoming more awkward than genuine.


Side note: What type of phone does Akane have? iPhones aren’t that durable. Samsungs are fickle as all hell. How is she able to continue to launch her phone at Anti and other things, it drop from that height without a case and still work? I need her brand name asap!

Rikka does in making a very good observation that I wasn’t aware of though I think it is more so her than series giving us clues. It would suck that this was all a dream of Rikka. You did hint at this in a previous post. I did!

Overall, the episode to me was rather lackluster. Akane only learned that Rikka retains her memories after people are killed by Kaiju. Assist weapons can only be used one at a time. And Rikka now believes that she might be the reason for the appearance of Kaijus. The fight of the week was meh. However, I did get to see Namiko and Hess so that was a plus. And am I the only person that gets satisfaction out of Vit kicking Utsemi? I can’t be, right? Someone else enjoys those moments. I think it might just be you. 

With an episode called “Suspicion” I was hoping for the plot to make some strides but perhaps this episode is the setup for the step. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next but I am getting a bit antsy to see something hit the fan. With the name of the next episode being “Provocation”, something is bound to happen right?

Until the next post… I need to know if there really is such a thing as professional stalkers… No, you don’t… Fine! Then here!



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  1. negativeprimes says:

    “For those who might be too young to have experienced it, this is what dial-up felt like.”


      1. negativeprimes says:

        What? No. You’re so right it’s funny.

      2. Man, I remember trying to download songs with Livewire and Bearshare back in the day and wake up early after starting them the night before. Still having to hope that they finished, lol

      3. negativeprimes says:

        I remember clicking a link to a normal HTML webpage, then going into the other room to eat lunch and wash dishes while waiting for it to load… 😱

      4. Oh gawd! Watching anime on the sites back then where you had to let the site buffer half way before watching it so you could enjoy it without it stopping.

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