SSSS.Gridman – Episode 1 – So Many Questions!

So, I am starting off the Fall season of anime by watching SSSS.Gridman. This is a random one for me that I normally wouldn’t have watched. Hell, I didn’t even know about the series until a few hours ago. With all that being said, I decided to squeeze it in before bed.

Also, this will be my first attempt at doing a weekly review of the current run of anime shows. No burnout! Trying to keep it light and simple.

SSSS.Gridman is a series produced by studio Trigger, the wonderful studio that developed and produced Kill la Kill and Kiznaiver which were series I thoroughly enjoyed while also cranking out Little Witch Academia and Darling in the Franxx which are two series on my bucket list to watch at some point in the future.

Quick side note! I am reviewing this series having no real concrete knowledge of Ultraman or Gridman.

Gradman 2
I don’t have answers either, buddy.

Oddly enough, I love the way Trigger starts off it series. I can’t speak for the ones that I have seen, but they really know how to get you at least interested in the mystery of the story. Most of their series starts off introducing the characters without context and train wrecking straight into the action. And this formula works.

We introduce to our main character Yuta with him waking up on the crouch with amnesia. Already I don’t expect him to have depth as a character for the first couple of episodes as he will have to be defined by his actions moving forward from this point until we clued into his past. He will be the typical nice guy hero character until the plot thickens.

Gridman 3
Rikka! Those eyes!

From there, we move on to Rikka. I don’t know why but I really like her design though it really isn’t anything too special. Maybe it is her eyes. You do have a thing for those colorful ones… Right now, I like her. The way she responds to Yuta speaking to a computer screen was quite rather comical.

You know Shinjo is important because she was the first character you saw when the anime began and she has displayed anything unique about her that Utsumi did not cover while talking to Yuta. And Utsumi… our thick framed support. Shoutout to him for breaking the fourth wall! At least in the subtitles. He is on my list of likable characters for that call out alone.

I loved how they both chimed in on Yuta while he was talking to Gridman

Flex for Kaiju!

Here is where my gripe comes in. I am not a fan of the 3D animation used for the action scenes. To me, it is still jarring and takes me out of the experience. I struggled with Accel World and I really enjoyed the series. It isn’t a deal breaker though. I know I am going to have to accept it eventually as it is cheaper on the studios. And for what it is worth, it wasn’t bad. It actually looks rather stunning. But if I had to choose…

No question! Tauburn will hand out Ls!

With the first episode down, I can say that I was entertained and curious to see what adventures and trials our group will face in the coming episodes. There is definitely something afoot as the school that was basically burned down during the fight was restored over the night. The mysterious guy who seeming craved the Kaiju has to have a motive to actively seek monsters on to the city with the aid of his talking avatar. Not the mention the equally mysterious man who looks like he doesn’t sleep who stared idly into the flames during the credits. (Who debut seemingly stalking Yuta from across the street upset because nobody offered him a doughnut.) How will this story unfold!?

Gradman 2

I will be tuning in next week to find out.

What did you think of episode one? Comment below and let me know! I love to talk about it! Until the next review!


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