My Hero Academia: Two Heros Review

I think one of the hardest things about having life interfere with something that you planned on doing is the fact that time continues on as if it did not care. With devastating family scares hitting too close for comfort, I had to sideline projects such as my blog and other things. And because of this, I was not able to talk about the pure awesomeness that is My Hero Academia.

From episode one, I have been completely captivated by the narrative, the art style, the amazing musical score, and just the overall package that this show brings each and every week. So when I heard that the studio was producing a movie, I was overjoyed! However, what this movie accomplished is far more than what I expected. And it did it in all the ways I hadn’t considered.

Before I begin, I will be going over the plot and some details that I enjoyed from the movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and you value seeing the movie without any knowledge, come back to this review afterward. Go watch the movie! Oh! I forgot to mention that I watched the dubbed version of the movie and this was my second time being exposed to the voice actors.


To start things off, let me open this review by saying that my favorite part of this movie is the beginning. For those who might be introducing their friends to this series for the first time, this movie is a PERFECT way to do it. They recap the first season to ensure everyone is on the same page. And they give a small nod to those following the series in season three, which makes the movie canon and the movie picks up at this point in this special episode.

tumblr_pck4e2yzsy1ws4tyeo2_500It is here where I have to save this movie shines the best. It doesn’t feel like a movie. It felt like an extended episode which supports my claim that this movie can be a perfect jumping on point for newcomers and would even nudge them into watching the previous season for themselves. There was even a moment in the movie where a few of us called the commercial break(or where it would have been). The art felt just like another episode which isn’t a bad thing. So if you enjoyed the animation already, you are getting more of the same here. (Side note: Studio Bones do flex a little bit in the actions scenes, but as I said before, it looks no different from the show in my opinion.)

The story features our two favorite heroes, All Might and Deku traveling to the I-Expo, a place where scientist and innovators can show off the latest and greatest in hero technology while heroes get a stage to show off their quirks. As it progresses, you get to learn about All Might’s sidekick in America David Shield and his daughter Melissa. A villain has emerged and seized control of the island and had threatened its inhabitants. it is up to our young heroes to thwart their sinister plan and save the day.

As I said before, the movie has everything that makes the series awesome. Every character has a sense of charm that just shines and it really hard to believe when I sit back and think about it. There are no characters that I find that aren’t likable. Even the movie’s antagonist is a good villain with its own motivation and goals that is believable and something that can be relatable.

Deku and All Might’s relationship grows deep with each interaction. It is truly special to see them two on screen together. This movie actually makes an argument that Deku could have actually been a part of the scientific scene had things had been different with his vast knowledge of quirks and heroes helping with designing support items.


BraveDefinitiveAustraliankestrel-max-1mbAll Might is truly a wonderful character. I can’t think of another character the completely dominates the screen. His voice. That confident smile. All Might really make you feel like everything is going to be okay, even when things seem bleak and hopeless. I only wish we got to see him do more when he was younger. That scene was awesome! Seeing a youthful All Might was like seeing Superman during his early days when he was first put on the suit. There was a sense of awe even though I knew what he could do. I love the way they have different eras that they reference when referring to him. I love the first version of his costume!  (Side note: I think The Rock would be a brilliant choice to play All Might… just decided to slide that in there.)

tumblr_pe0yc5Zv421rxhcsqo1_540However, my favorite character of the movie was actually Melissa and I hope that she one day finds herself as a series regular at some point in the future. The movie is canon… make it happen!  Incredibly smart, resourceful, and in the words of Mineta and Kaminari, drop dead gorgeous! A daughter of All Might’s sidekick David Shield. Her introduction was very interesting and had our theater laughing by Deku’s response. I want one of the shape-shifting devices she had! I am really glad she wasn’t your typical damsel in distress and actually played a vital role in the plot. I love the natural chemistry that she had with Deku. (How scared were you when you heard Uraraka voice!?)

Speaking of Uraraka, the rest of the class is here! Their introductions was a treat with the aforementioned Uraraka popping in on Deku and Melissa while they were alone. Yaoyorozu being able to bring Uraraka and Jiro along because of her family ties makes me wish they will explore her in anime at some point.  It was quite funny to watch the class actively try to get Bakugo to behave himself in public after he realized that Deku was on the island.  And the way Mineta and Kaminari responded when Melissa offered them tickets to the reception was hilarious. Iida and I might be too similar in the way we handle things as I have noticed that I have innate ability to take charge in a situation like he does, which makes me chuckle when I see him do it. The way he dictated a time was boss!

The intimate conversation that Deku and Melissa had her room was heartwarming. I love how they humble Deku ever time he hears about someone being quirkless. The duality of them both working hard and being inspired by their role models who were All Might and his sidekick added a lovely layer to their relationship. The interaction and the backstory for Melissa melted my heart and her ability to analyze Deku at the competition and aid him keeping him safe while using One for All instantly had me rooting for her the shipping debate. Leave me alone! It was cute… and I got a thing for smart girls…

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It is here that I would like to take a moment to nominate Bakugo as the best dressed for the reception. That embroidered white rose on the air force blue was so stylish and it fits him so well. For our lovely ladies, I feel like Uraraka and Jiro ties. I can’t choose between them.

The movie picks up when Wolfram plans set into motion and they seize control of the island, retraining the heroes, including All Might.

I won’t go through all of the action scenes but I am glad everyone gets their moment with the group falling on the natural leaders of Deku, Iida taking point with everyone contributing. I like how no matter how their teams are constructed, they always seem to find unique ways to use their quirks to reach their goals. Their level growth and trust that has been building during the series was on display here and thoroughly the climb. I find it amusing that Kirishima was no sense of direction.

The twist on the 200th floor was somewhat predictable but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is here that I will say that I REALLY loved the dubbed voice actors. Their performances were nothing short than brilliant! I felt the emotional drop when Melissa discovered that her father was behind the attack on the island. My heart wrenched when you realized the reason wasn’t for something selfish but for the preservation of the Symbol of Peace. Sam betraying David truly despicable. And the movie displayed the real danger of dealing with Wolfram two gunshot cuts that had me on the edge of my seat. My theater took a long breath when the second shot was fired. We were all invested by this point. I thought he killed Sam with the first one… When Wolfram pistol whipped Melissa, I knew were heading towards the climax.

QuarterlyAdolescentGalah-max-1mbI honestly don’t even want to talk about that last confrontation on the roof. It all too much. I will just say that it took me personally on an emotional rollercoaster that gives me chills when I think about days later. Deku crying out when he failed to stop the helicopter. All Might’s HEROIC entrance! Round 1 between All might and Wolfram. Wolfram going into final boss mode.  Class 1-A arriving on the scene to give their support. Deku stepping in to save a losing All Might and the two of them working together to finish Wolfram off. Oh god, the feels in during those final moments when the infamous “You Say Run” starting playing the background. My theater cheered the entire time that scene was happening and clapped in unison afterward.

Speaking of music, as far as I can tell there wasn’t a lot of new music in this movie. At least when it comes to the score. I think there was a total of ten new tracks. Of the new tracks is “Battle of Deku”  and “From Japan” (I hope they use these two in the series) are really good.  The movie uses most of the same music from the series which is already amazing so I have no complaints here. However, they did give was a wonderful theme called Long Hope Philia by Masaki Suda which is a real treat and is now my current ringtone. Shout out to Melodic Star for uploading it months before the movie released stateside.


I really enjoyed this movie and seems that a lot of other people as well. As of me writing this, My Hero Academia: Two Heros has grossed $5.4 million dollars domestically while only showing for ten days in over the span of basically two weeks. To put that into perspective, Two Heros passed the second place’s Your Name which had earned $5 million and now sits tenth on the top anime movie of all time.

What did you think of the movie?  Let me know in the comments below. Until the next review, I will see you guys next time! Sayonara!





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