Morning Frustrations (Rant)

I have never been a morning person. Despite the fact that you’ve had to wake up in morning since you started school and really has never broken this cycle since? You would think one would have just adapted- No one asked you for your two cents! But… my two cents is technically- Shaddup!

Anyways! I will not be– I have never had much good come the morning hours. Getting out of bed is a boss battle that I usually win after wiping a few times, equipping clothes with the right attributes to tackle the day is hard, and getting nourishment is usually impossible because of the time. So a normal day for me is usually rushing out of the house and just heading to work. Just like those good ole’ high school days! And college days. And first job days. We haven’t changed! Maybe if you actually went to sleep instead of watching anime, playing the game, listening to books, and all the other things you do at night you would– Alright!



So my lack of structure in the morning usually leaves me without eating. Not that I really care for breakfast anyway but even when I want to have a good hearty breakfast, it usually a fail because of all the things I mentioned above. Walking detriment to yourself without structure or– I think they get it!

Sometimes, I decide to go to one of the fast-food spots to pick up something when either my habits caused me to neglect eating the previous night and my stomach is on a war path for substance or it is just raging out for something and here is where one my frustrations come into play. I know that everyone has to hate mornings just as I do and if everyone hates it at the same time, nothing good can come for it. I am a simple but detailed guy. I usually speak in such a way that my intentions and wants are clear. So if I ask for something in a specific way, I would make sure you understood exactly how I requested it so that there was no mistake.

For the last few months however, no matter what I seem to do, I can never get my order right. Remember that time that you order the exact same thing twice and they got one of them right and the other wrong and we just so happened to pick the one that was wrong out of the bag? I was going to think of some cool way to bring that up, but yeah. You would think it was be super easy to get a sausage McGriddle with bacon and cheese but they ALWAYS perceive my order as a bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle. One would think you was just check your order before you leave… I do and that create the frustration of dealing with other people who appear to hate the morning just as much as I do.

Managers have gotten involved. Cashiers blatantly told me that it wasn’t possible to complete my order as I requested despite the fact that they had just did it yesterday. One cashier gave the stank eye of death when I looked over my order and alerted her that it was wasn’t what ordered. Remember the time you got into an argument with one because she started cussing up a storm because she got your order wrong two times after we explained it very slowly to her? And oddly enough, this only happens in the morning. I just don’t like egg and I want bacon and sausage on one sandwich. With cheese. So it is literally just add bacon and remove the egg. How do I end up something completely different every time? Sausage biscuit, Egg McGriddle… yep… just with the egg. One time I just got the bread. Bread!

So today, I decided to break the habit of gambling with my food and go to Burger King. It was the one place I hadn’t been to for breakfast and they usually get all the complicated orders that my brother orders without fail. He is usually the one that asked you remove a lot of stuff and add items while having it cut in half. This morning, I ordered a simple#1 and clearly stated to remove the egg and just add bacon to the meal. She repeated back to me and I confirmed what I wanted though I got the eerie feeling that something was wrong.

I pulled around and elderly lady greeted me with a warm smile which was infectious because I smiled back in time. She even sparked up a small conversation with me which was rare for me. I’m usually not chatty in the morning due to hatred for the AM hours. She confirmed with me the size of the meal as she gave me a small cup and I corrected her sweetly. This had to be rare because this morning wasn’t that bad.

Until I pulled away and opened my food. They gave me two pieces of bread with one strip of bacon. I was running a bit late so I couldn’t just turn around to address it. I just laughed softly. I am beginning to think I’m cursed. You might be. Keep it yourself though, don’t go spreading that around. Oh no, if I’m cursed then you are too. We are the same, remember?

Sadly, I don’t ever have the energy to be upset or angry. I’m usually just resort to disappoint which on sours the mood of the day. Sometimes I joke and rant off about it. Making comedy out of misfortune is usually the best route because at least it leads to laughs.

I think I’m done with breakfast. I hope you enjoyed this little rant. Are you cursed like me or has this happened to you? Let me know in the comments below.

I apologize as we been a bit busy when we got back from our trip. I am still trying to come up with a structure that works around my life right now and perhaps these simple entries can fill in the game until I figure that out. The Foreigner and Baby Driver are currently in the works along with my thoughts on Two Car and Black Clover.

What are your thoughts?

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