Adventure Time: A Journey to the Lone Star State

Hey Guys!

I want to apologize for not having content pumping out here but I have been having a serious case of insomnia which doesn’t gel well with what I do professionally at my job. So instead of posting, I have been resting in the hopes I might drift off to sleep which hasn’t happened yet. If anyone may have any tips to put me to sleep, please share below. I need all the help I can get right now.

Another reason why I might not be able to sleep is probably that I am heading out to Texas tomorrow for the first time on my own. If you happened to glance at my appreciation post, I am visiting a really close online friend and it will be the first time we have ever seen each other face to face. Part of me still can’t believe that is even happening, you know? Like, who does that? The thought of it sounds so strange when you say it out loud. My grandparents thought I was joking around until I showed them the receipt for my ticket.

I have always wanted to travel and see other places. I got my first taste of traveling when I was finally allowed to go on a cruise with my grandparents. (I was a bad kid and they thought I was going to end up falling over the edge and into the sea. But I can’t swim so that didn’t even make sense. I think they just wanted alone time… I’m going to go with that.) It was amazing. Being out on the water where you could see nothing but water for miles. Watching the sunset over the horizon and the moon reflect off of the water on clear nights was probably the most beautiful things I will probably ever see. It was breathtaking. Though I only really got a brief tour of the islands of Cozumel and Grand Cayman, it was enlightening to see places that appeared similar but felt so different. Though I live in Michigan and virtually near water, we experience four seasons up here so the idea of swimming and stuff is almost foreign to me. There, the water was so vibrant and blue (if that makes sense). I could watch the water dance of the waves of the ocean all day and be content. But I digress.

This is my first step towards realizing that dream of travel while also being able to break the barrier of distance with a friend of mine (if only temporarily). Hell, I’m shaking while writing this. Smiling ear to ear.

I’m going to try the authentic Texan food. I wonder if it tastes it different? Does sushi come with a hint of hickory smoke? Do they prepare ribs differently? Will things smell as funny as they did down in Florida near the docks? What is traffic like down there? What do In-N-Out burgers taste like? So many questions! (now you see what has been plaguing my thoughts the last couple of days.)

I don’t know what this is but I felt like I needed to write it. I’m going to try to sleep for the third time today. Hopefully, I yield better results than my previous attempts.

If you have traveled to meet someone for the first time, how was your experience? Let me know down in the comments as I would love to hear your tales. I probably will be posting mini-blogs of my events down there. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Shokamoka says:

    My brother met his girlfriend through League of Legends. He lives in NZ with me while his GF lives in Australia.
    Seeing how they ate literally holding hands every time they get together, I guess you can take it with a grain of salt that things will be just fine.
    It will be even less nerve wrecking if you aren’t traveling for relationships but just to see a ‘friend’… đŸ˜›

    1. That is adorable! And such a long way from each other! Congratulations to them! That is reassuring. We just spoke about doing all type of stuff and fear we might have enough time to do it all in on sitting.

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